Wednesday Fix v4.0

Yeah was fun last night.

Cobblestones are a big ‘hmmm’ tho.



Harden up boys.

You’ll thank me for the next Roobaix when you realsie wheels don’t go untrue or snap riding on cobbles.

How about chains? Do they stretch?

It was fun while it lasted. Wednesday night has been invigorated, and I like it.

Chaz, I looked at you as we were about to hit Swanston St and saw you had no helmet. I thought you were just trying to be cool like me, cause I don’t wear a helmet cause it’s cool not to. Was your helmet there when you got back to the square?

It’s true - I was trying to be cool but I realised by me not wearing a helmet you’d cease to be the only ‘no helmet’ guy and hence would no longer be cool. so it was outta respect really that I decided to go back :stuck_out_tongue:

helmet was still there thankfully.

in other news I just busted another Powergrip - if anyone’s running them, I advise replacing them every year or so.

This week’s Wed Fix has pre-ride food.

From 5pm @ Fed Sq, $2 for some soup, help Feed Melbourne support those in Victoria who don’t have enough to eat.

“…served by Carlton, Collingwood, Richmond and North Melbourne AFL players.”

Urgh. I was all for it until I read that. Oh well, Melbourne will continue to starve.

fair enough. there are no essendon players, after all.

Awh, don’t you like the FARKIN MIGHTY BOMBERS!?

Fuck i hate football.

Cos I’m a ‘Hero 2 Zero’ team kind guy and support the Hawks.

Great ride planned tonight (if I get around to thinking something up).

Awesome. I’ll be there. Finally brought those tyres for you too…

Cliff notes? (i.e. Time and place tonight?)



Sorry bro, that ain’t riding. :wink: We’re going places tonight.

Ahh… elitists!

I raise you a barspin!

where was your barspin when you found yourself train-less at frankston, staring down the barrel of a 50k return ride to the city? hu?
NO WHERE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong bike bro.

And I did come back to chase the pack didn’t I?


180 nosebonk to sliderrrrrrrrr…!

shit you’re right… and I do two tricks: no-hands-track-stand-while-ordering-pizza and massive-tire-destroying-skids.

guess I’m out!