Wednesday Night Rides

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I think maybe some reseach on the amount of hate for the word Fixie on this site might be needed…

and maybe some background on yourself…

…and a spell check too.

All input is helpful including not using the word fixie on this site. Any particular reason btw?

Sure, what kind of background are you after? I am basically just a guy who wants to see people getting together and enjoying themselves on fixed gear bicycles. I am not a track rider, nor a hipster, I just ride my bicycle around for my own enjoyment.

Any other questions please be sure to ask. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads up Snowflake.

every time you use the word “fixie” a hispter gets hit by a car

to negate this you can add an additional word… here its easier if i give you an example.

i went for a ride on my fixie bike and met up with some other guys that had sweet fixies and we did an epic fixie river loop.

and another thing, for some totally unknown reason, muppets seem to get the impression that they are unwelcome here and leave shortly after joining… keep an eye on “random night rides” on fb as well as brisbane thread for some additional rides that may happen around town.

Thanks Red, I shall do my best to use fixie in the correct context. Also thanks for the info about the FB group, I appreciate your taking the time explain these things.

Now my previous post makes no sense.

^^ lol

What every one is getting at is the term fixie sucks it’s like calling a bodyboard a boogie board.
The term is just fixed not fixie it sounds corny as hell.

I guess this is something people are more passionate about then I expected. I honestly didn’t think anyone would really care what a fixed gear bicycle is called. In fact when I type Fixie into Google the first result I get is this site. Understandably people might come here and use the word Fixie as it is a very common term.

Perhaps it should be noted in the forum rules or under a New members thread. This is a public forum after all and as such this sort of thing is bound to happen.

Not trying to rock the boat, but as I said I am genuinely surprised and maybe my input as a new member can be helpful. Any thoughts?

Im cool with what ever you want to call it,
I was just pointing out what others have said and will say.
Dont worry about it i still think the site will be used and people wil go on the rides.

Thanks Dayne, I hope you’re right!

don’t forget to ask around too, just because things are not announced online, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening :wink:

certain words/rides etc get too much unwanted attention when mentioned online so always best to ask around too see whats happening too :wink:

7 years of the forum, after hundreds of thousands of posts, maybe you can change everything…

perhaps you should read thousand of posts before joining thus realizing that the general consensus of anyone that uses the term “fixie” is a bit of a muppet… but all sarcasm aside, fuck it, hook in… i ride a saweeeeet fixay!!!

Thought id jump start some google images.

That’s the spirit!

some thinkgs cannot be unseen… you should be stabbed