Wednesday Night Rides

mods, can fixiebrises user name be changed to Don Quixote?

^that’s gold

^^ legendary haha

like you in a mankini? haha and yeah i provided and insisted it happen, but that doesn’t make it easier to deal with when i’m alone at night

back on topic, strangely enough for me… proposed distance? proposed routes? proposed beers afterwards? do you have a team? will you sponsor me?

also, there are some dudes who ride, becausefixie on facespace, on wednesday nights, check em out brah!

will there be 60kp/h leadout trains?

80kph just around the block and back

Distance will be around 20k, maybe more or less depending on the group feeling. I am thinking we will ride over the goodwill bridge past Dutton Park, through UQ and via Toowong back past South Bank and over the story bridge. Plenty of bike paths and quiet roads along that route. I suspect some may be keen for a brew after, but I’ll let the group work that out. I can sponsor you with a wheel card printed from my desktop printer!

Thanks for the tip on Becausefixie.

mmmmm i would come, but i finish work at 5, thus i must go home first, and inadvertently will get lazy and not bother coming :frowning:

If your looking for a reason to stick around the city, I suspect some people may head over to Newfarm for some polo before hand.

woah this guy with the finger on the cyclo sport pulse!

he’s FixieBris bro - knower of all things fix-ay

I’m gonna pencil that into my resume!

Anyway… It being a Wednesday, there is riding tonight. Come along guys and mock me in person, or maybe even just have fun. Everyone’s a winner! TONIGHT!

just re-read that, newfarm for polo… not sure mangananganang, but can i play polo on my saweet fiexi biek? think my geo is unsuitable braaaah

just throw your bullhorns on, skewer everyone, and then you’ll be left to punt for goal uninhibitted

where in anzac square??

its not that big, sure you’ll find or be found

Correct. But I’ll be up the top of the stairs. From there I can keep an eye out for everyone.

what do you need to do that for… I thought you had mad omniscient powers???

had to googze it, good one brah! might have to punch out a full loop leaving at 5.45 from gear, cruise back into town grab a drink and join this, if anyone is keen, reverse half loop will be pretty casual