Weight weenie MTB fail

One of my favourite WW blogs, I really like his uncompromising techniques to loosing weight. Hats off to this guy even though on this occasion it didn’t quite work out.

He upgraded to a rather exotic custom carbon BB30 spindle for his XX1 setup:

Built up his XC dually to a nice figure or 8.5kg:
Cannondale Scalpel 2014 cerrol edition | jonas wwBlog

But look what happened after riding! His ‘Experimental Prototype’ failed.

2h48min riding, then car back home | jonas wwBlog

Custom Powercranks…


Wiggle goes posh with lightweight components for road and mountain bikes - BikeRadar

for you H.

Thanks Blakey, saw this!
Carbon spindle is sort of next-level WW isn’t it.