Well used Rides

I love seeing bikes that have been ridden hard and alot

So show me your used and abused rides

These are not mine just pics off varior blogs

This probably should be in the “Post your ride” section, but here’s mine anyway.

58cm Rossin Pista. Looks a little more used now covered in grime and stickers for rust protection. Also now sports champ grips on the tops as the cotton tape was just too thin for my liking.

Here are a couple more of my favourite well used rides.

HAHA didn’t take long…

I considered putting it in Post your ride but none of these are mine so decided not to.

some of these just look abused

that last one with the chopped bullhorns looks dangerous. wouldnt want to hit a pedestrian with those bars :S

^ ^I was thinking that. Some of us keep or bikes looking good and some don’t care I guess.

About a year ago I put a pair (pair? or set? or bar?)anyway I had no bar ends until the next day. You cant believe how close I came to hitting a ped crossing the road on a back st at night (i was blinded by an oncoming car light) while they didnt look and I only saw them at the last second and fell off my bike almost, saved them from a serious core sample from their midriff.

i have hit a pedestrian when i had unwrapped bullhorns. was more a glancing blow and she was more sorry than i was (it was her fault) I went home and plugged em straight away. Hence the dangerous comment/concern.

Form > function, until you hurt someone.


Patina is one thing, I do enjoy seeing beusage (beauty through usage) but some of these bikes look deliberately or carelessly damaged.

That cannondale cracknfail is a good example of not looking after ones possessions!

Thats what salt on roads in the northern hemisphere does to bikes and poorly chaining them up.

This is my daily ride. It looks a lot better than it actually is. I occasionally thinking about getting it resprayed, but I choose not to.

This Samson on the other hand…

Before shot of the Samson here.

This is a great idea for a thread! I love ‘well used’ bikes. Adds a whole lot of character I think.

Anywho, these aren’t mine, but some photos I took of some friend’s bikes recently. These are ‘well used’ indeed.

Tara’s 3Rensho. More photos here.

Eudith’s Faggin. More photos here.

that bridgestone makes we want to cry :frowning: wicked front tyre/fork clearance… but i want to get at it, and clean it up!!!

I would do a lot of things for a Bridgestone track fame, and I can assure you if I was the owner of one it would be taken care of like a royal child.

yeah but they are just bikes, ride them.
You can get a bridgestone frame for about $500+ shit thats the same price as a mojo.