Westboro baptist church

anyone seen this?

the guy’s talking about how australians deserve to die, god has damned us; and what a great thing the bushfires were to purge the world of cursed australians

paraphrasing, but you get the gist. Check out the video links, it made me pretty angry. Didnt do much for my generalised view of southern yankees.

it actually made me laugh… its so ridiculous its like a piss take.

anyhow, these people are best ignored, not put on TV/radio.

Louis Theroux did a film about the Westboro Church. It’s worth watching to see how fucking crazy they are.

They’re a small bunch of fanatics who are almost all from the same family and they’re a bunch of nutcases that nobody takes seriously.

Like most of the cunts on fixed.org


Are these the same “God hates fags” guys?


They protested at the funeral of a gay US Soldier.

that’s them. They protest at as many soldiers’ funerals as they can I think.

Why? :? Because all soldiers are fags? or they are against IRAQ war?

HAHAHA, you’re a nutcase that no-one takes seriously…oh wait.

Because GOD HATES FAGZ, evidently.

Because they’re fire and brimstone nutjobs with a specific interpretation of the bible and they think that if you’re not following gods word (according to them) then you’re doomed and going to hell.

Apparently they don’t see the contradictions in their words and actions.

They seem to think that the 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. is the big man punishing the USA for being tolerant of gays WTF?

I think that irrespective of ones stance on the war on terror, protesting at soldiers funerals - or funerals in general - is pretty damn low.

They also think Obama is the Antichrist.

Nutters. Just like us.

Similar vein:

It’s what happens when brothers and sisters have ‘special cuddles’.