Wet Brooks

My Brooks is wet. Has been wet for about 3 days. Its been covered with that standard cover that comes with the saddle but water got in anyway probably coming up from road spray. So will it be OK? How do I save it? The proofide is back home in Melbourne so I won’t get to that for 10 days.

I came up here to the Sunshine Coast for a holiday to escape the Melbourne winter and get some rays, do some riding and surfing. Ha! It’s been pelting down since I arrived. Persistent precipitation. Perennially pouring. Not just your normal rain. Oh No. I’m talking about cyclonic torrential downpours with 40 knot winds. The surf is huge and too dangerous for me.

And its 30C and sunny in Melbs. Fuck you God, I’m staying atheist anyway. Apparently the farmers are getting their dams filled. I am just so fucking happy for them. Yeah. Real fucking happy.

Anyway, the bike has sat on the back of the car because I couldn’t sneek it into the motel room. I’ve got one of those that plastic bungs somewhere that they slot into the seatpost for delivery and packaging and I used that for the first part of the trip but then I forgot about it.

Let it dry. Put some proofide on it when you get home. Don’t ride it while it’s soaked, you’ll fuck it up.

I rode my Swallow to Newcastle in the rain once. It basically collapsed and didn’t really recover. A B17 is a bit more resilient cos the leather is thicker, I’ve ridden mine when damp a few times, but if it’s soaked through I wouldn’t even think about it…

Yeah I’ve had then saturated at times. Let it dry out. Don’t ride it when it’s really dried out until you’ve nourished it heaps. Do a few applications until it’s all soaked in. I use RM Williams Saddle and Leather Dressing

Recent Brooks leather saddles are shithouse imo. Let it dry, re-tention once completely dry (if needed - ride it and get a feel for it), and as HM said, don’t ride it if soaked. I wouldn’t proofide it, proofide will make it more supple and currently that’s not what it needs.

You gotta treat it with something Seb, the proofide/saddle dressing isn’t necessarily making it more supple, it’s getting non-water moisture (oils etc) back into it to stop the leather fibres from breaking down. If you let it get completely dry and ride it without treating it it’ll be more likely to crack.

Not sure why I do it this way (maybe read it somewhere once?) but I put proofide on the top/treated side, and use the RM saddle stuff on the bottom.

Throw it away and buy a saddle that can get wet.

Those saddles are really uncomfortable tho pinzo.

You can get them wet. I’ve had mine saturated many times. They need nourishment though. I’d rather ride a wet Brooks than a bone dry one though. Don’t dry it in the sun. Always keep it nourished so it can take a soaking


it’s true

ride SMP, cups the essentials nicely.

My leather saddle was exposed to a typhoon for two days in Japan. It’s good as new imo

My brooks lives in a fish bowl and its fine eh

^ Those poor fish.

Well my Brooks lives in a paper bag down a septic tank and it’s fine eh

Well my Brooks doesn’t exist and it’s fine eh.

My Brooks isn’t leather and survived the Brisbane moist.