What age group?


  1. Bald. Divorced. Getting fat. No kids but maybe soon. Life’s good! :sunglasses:

hour glass.

only if you’re 5’3"…

25 tomorrow :smiley:

Low miles. Always garaged. Recent port and polish of left knee. All receipts for work.

one owner, lady driver?

Manual or auto? :wink:

I saw that one on eBay, Rear end has been modded for a 9 inch, it leaks fluid and blows alot of goat i mean smoke.

Can’t give it all away in the ad. Then there’s no reason for a test drive…

Funny fucker. I’ll pay that one.

part time job
uni student

  1. bald on the sides, long on top.
    You could say i’ve got it all!

when did this thread become the personals?

26, ssoh, ltf, mtg, ggh, ma, lbh, sh, nt

stop robbing us of our taxes

23, i dont give a shit, you dont give a shit, it’s all good

yeah! Gen Y represent!

44, riding since I was eight.

represent what?

oh, that’s right, you’re gen y. you don’t know what.

I thought it was ‘reprazent’?

ah dammit. it’s funny coz it’s true. (look how I spelt ‘because’, that’s like, so Gen Y)

As I said, I’m 44, no idea what you are talking about…or your spelling. :stuck_out_tongue: