What age group?

As a 40 year old I’m guessing that i’m a good deal older than the Average forumite.
Curious to see what the largest avge age group is.

Post your actual age if you want to be more specific than your poll contribution

I’m 18 tommorow. can’t wait,
bin riding fixes my whole life cause dad had one but only got my own a year ago.

28 and bald. Fricken awesome.

I’ll be 11,648 years old next Month.

28 here, married with a 6 month old :wink:

33 married 3 kids (7,4,2) not bald

25, full head of hair and no kids.

28 married DINK. Full head of hair. No erectile disfunction as of yet.

34, married, no kids, full head of hair with some grey bits.

20 and a free spirit.

Lost count. Early thirties I think. Plenty of hair, albeit on the grey side.

I’ve got more rhymes than I got grey hair,
And that’s a lot because I’ve got my share.

  1. only intersted in fathering half japanese babies.


Turned 24 Yesterday, have 4 kids in Thailand, not married.

Dirty 30. Full head of hair with some grey coming through… silver fox!

Not married… maybe soon though. :wink:

Have two dogs (Molly and Atiba).

I’m repeatedly told i have the maturity of a teenager… physically some days I feel like I’m in my late 60s

what I did for money and the university medical post-grad dept in my uni years and what became of those ‘science experiments’ is a secret… to me at least.

40 in April
One 5 year old son
Jaded as fuck
Silver, very very silver


live with 2 housemates
2 part time jobs (neither very interesting)

Living in sin, no kids
Some pink, no grey.

No kids that I know of and living with the missus.