What groupset do you use?

…and with what cables?

I just wanted to know what you guys have on your road bike(s) and also if you don’t mind the reason why you have chosen such groupset (performance wise, price, durability etc etc)

I’m particularly interested to know if anyone in here have done any mix-and-match thingy. cos I’d love to do that if there is a significant increase in performance.
Also I’d appreciate if you can share some tips and tricks in doing those (cable tightness, what and when to grease etc etc)

I know that the ‘what is the best groupset debate’ or ‘Shimano vs Campagnolo vs SRAM’ is inevitable when discussing this, but best if we could do that somewhere else.

I’lll start first.

SRAM Rival 2011 shifter
SRAM Rival 2011 RD
SRAM Force 2009 FD
SRAM Force 2009 brake caliper
SRAM Force 2011 crankset
SRAM Red 2011 chain
Shimano 105 cassette.

Why? I got it cheap. Plus I like the aesthetic of SRAM especially the shifters/hoods design.

I always wanted a Shimano particularly the Ultegra and I know that they’re the best bang for the buck, but I seriously cannot look at the crank… Campagnolo is expensive for my wallet and for the price, I don’t think they are any better than Shimano. I’ve ridden a friend’s SR’11, it’s smooth and nice but Dura Ace is just slightly better (and cheaper)

So what’s your take?

Mix & Match? yeah, I run 2007 QS Record with 2006 brakes. Sometimes I use Chorus cassettes.

Campagnolo is my preferred. And I don’t reckon it’s any more expensive than the others, for example, you can get any of these groupsets for under $600 o/s. Plus, I think the 2012 Centaur looks great!

Campagnolo Centaur
SRAM Rival
Shimano 105

I run sr11 on my new bike and havnt done enough k’s to give it a good review yet but seems real nice.
I run the last of the alloy crank carbon shifter chorus on my steel bike and love it.

To be honest I think a lot of it is in your head if you think somthing is nice before you put your leg over the bike then chances are it will be.

I think carbon Athena 11 looks pretty good bang for buck it was on torpedo for $799 I think.

As long as it shifts into the gear and stays there you will enjoy the ride.

Yeah, they never have any stock - been shafted twice by them. Go to Ribble for this.

Been running a full Cenatur gruppo since the name change from Daytona.
Changed my cranks from square taper to ultra-torque and compact late last year as I’ve been having knee problems.
Has been running faultlessly for about 10 years.

Campagnolo Centaur alloy - cranks, shifters, brakes, cassette, FD/RD.
Campagnolo cableset.

I’ve bought new FD & RD as the current FD isn’t supposedly compact (CT) compatible along with skeleton brakes.
So I’m moving the old gruppo to the Brian Rourke.

I’ve got 10 speed Campy Veloce, with cheapo cables from wiggle. Got it cheap to try out and it works great, been running strong for a couple of years.
No mix and match going on here.

Roadie is full Shimano Ultegra 6600 with yokozuna cables. The group came with the bike and I have never felt the need for something better/different.

I agree on the look of the 6700 cranks.

Cross bike is getting 105 5700 because I can run a 11-28 cassette, the cables will be jagwire because they come in heaps of colours.

The first time I rode SRAM I didn’t really like the double tap, but would be willing to give it another go.

I dont understand this thread i only know of one groupset.

sram red / 105 cassette / campy 10 speed chain.

may also switch to a dura ace front mech soon. sram red front mechs are flexy as hell.

I don’t ride my road bike much ATM, but it’s DA 7900 with Ultegra Cassette and chain and Yokozuno cables. These cables really are the best I’ve used

I ride 6700 Ultegra with FSA SLK light carbon cranks and stock cables which I am looking to upgrade soon.
I’m running it because it came with the frame I wanted and I could afford it though after riding my mates Caad10 with red I’m starting to develop envy.

I think they’ve remedied the front mech issue with the new sram red. Are you running the steel cage one?

2010 campag super record shifters, front and rear mechs cassette and cables
Works real nice and I perfer the older ascetic to the new one with the red squares or though the newer gruppo is refined a bit and considered to be the best performing mechainal group you can get

Neg gravity neg G brakes
Light, look good, have a ton of power and feel
Can be a pain if they arn’t set up right but I don’t have that problem :wink:

THM clavicula m3 cranks with THM ceramic bb30 cups
Only had these since Christmas, so far with the praxis chain rings its a pretty impressive setup, very very stiff and the shifting is great

Got ilink cables In the post…
Not sure about them though, the campag cables are very good

Same as Brenno:
Sram Red, with a 105 cluster and Record chain. Cables are currently shimano ones (i think).

yeah, i heard the new one will be better. no, mine is Ti, and that’s the problem with Ti components - they’re just not as strong as steel.

or as real

I have full sram red on my good bike, and the front derailleur is indeed garbage, but only on the stock rings. I ran 55/42 front for a while with the stiffer TT rings and the front shifting rivalled shimano for speed and accuracy. Now I’m back on the 53/39 and it was rubbish, but a mechanic gave the mech a few squeezes with some multi-grips and it works excellently.

My commuter is a Klein with 7600 DA mechs, 105 cassette, 7400 DA cranks and brakes, and 6600 brifters. All works a treat in any kind of weather.

My gentlemanly cruiser has full tricolour 600 (everything but the campag headset). It even has the 600 stem with the hidden bolt, which is beautiful, and the brifters that are in relatively good condition. It is the nicest bike I own.

Unless I was to buy a bike with Campag I wouldn’t feel like I needed to try it. If I was to buy a groupset on its own for a build up, I would buy sram force or ultegra. Those two are awesome value.

Forgot to add, my cables are steel and are inside a black housing. On my felt, they are Gore.

roadie: Ultegra 6700, Shimano cables

CX: Tiagra 9-speed levers/FD, Deore MTB cassette/RD, FSA Energy crank, no-name cantis, Jagwire cables

commutard: Tiagra derailleurs, Shimano flat-bar shifters, some old Truvativ square-taper triple crank, Tektro v-brakes/levers. Cables, who cares really.

hang on a minute, this is a fixie forum! we don’t need no cables!

There is a steel red FD which is from the current red groupset.

It’s not just the Ti cage… The rings and the general design of the front mech are substandard compared to the other two offerings

That been said the 2012 gear is ment to address all that though…