What is bike shit worth these days, if anything

Remember those heady salad days of the late 2000s. When Aus dollar was at parity with US. When anything with rear facing dropouts went for ridiculous amounts.
Vintage parts, even shitty ones, went for a mint.

Anyway, it feels like resale of bike stuff just isn’t worth much anymore

I haven’t sold any bike shit in years. I have NO IDEA how much stuff is worth. Often it feels like it ain’t worth selling.

For example, I have an On-one Pompino frame I wanna sell but it ain’t worth selling. I might get a hundy for it.

Same goes for wheels, granted mine are nuthin special. But the ratchet is loud, they go round and around and they are true(ish) Maybe I’ll get 75 bux for them. Maybe more? I have no idea.

Like what’s a set of Eno cranks worth? Two hunj?

I check eBay sold items, but prices are all over the shop.

I wish there was some kind of website that had going rates of 2nd hand parts.

Maybe I’m too attached to this stuff I dunno

Anyway, I got a whole bunch of shit to sell. So get ready to scoff at my prices.

Option 1 - If there’s a market for it, put it on eBay for $1 and let the bidding figure out the price. But that’ll only work if there’s enough people looking to buy that thing.

Option 2 - If you want the best price put it on eBay or Gumtree at what you feel is the higher end and let people make offers, then be prepared for time wasting and low balls, but you should end up selling at about what it’s worth.

Option 3 - List it here for what you think is fair and have a good experience dealing with the nice people of FOA.

I tend to go option 3.

Oh, and as to how much the gear is worth, hard to say. Check eBay for other prices. Up to 50% of retail is still a measure for good condition parts. Used steel frames have come down a lot in price - $100 for a Pompino seems a fair FOA price, and you might get $150-$200 elsewhere.

I sold a complete Pomp (admittedly rat shit) for 80 bucks. But mainly cos I wanted too get rid of it quick and everyone told me I was an idiot.

Yeah. I think I might just keep the pomp.
In case of some kind of emergency where I need a entry level gravel frame.

80 bux though. Oooph.

haha RIP jim.

I have two track frames n the shed, just waiting for when I hear the carbina jingling down collins st.

LOL. it’ll come around again…
Time is a flat circle.

With deep V’s.

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This is a thread I feel like I could have written.

Have a garage piled with bike stuff. Haven’t had any real need to clear space, and with prices being low there’s not much incentive to. Gave a few boxes to a charity bike workshop but somehow there’s still a bunch left.

As it turns out, a lot of the smaller things have ended up being unexpectedly useful. Some risers I would have sold for $15 went nicely on my daughter’s balance bike, I’ve swapped out stems back and forth a dozen times, and I fixed my neighbour’s bike with similar basic parts.

At the moment, the time I can save by not listing things for sale is almost worth more to me than the extra revenue. Especially once I factor in a bit of laziness, and the lost opportunities of future tinkering.

Tldr; selling stuff is overrated

^^ This - I try to keep this stuff in single blue crate, and anything that doesn’t fit in the crate gets sold.

When Spirito had a swap meet a couple of years ago it was a great excuse to chuck that crate in the car and trade it for some other stuff.

I’m with you, but sometimes you just gotta sell. What would be rad would be some kind of site, like sneakerheads have, that list going rates of second hand stuff.

But yeah, i think ill sell the stuff i know will sell, Thompson, VO, Italian shit. and just keep or give away the rest.

or wait for a 2nd bike market, Do they still happen?

Pray for another bike boom hey.

Abbotsford hold a vintage swap meet every now and then, but I’m not sure how popular they are or even where they are advertised.

hoarding is life.

unless its something you can never ever see yourself using, just keep it.

Anything I haven’t used for a year or more and can’t see a future for and I think I can sell it for $20+ I try sell, I did a shed clear out before I moved house and even thou each thing only sold for $20-40 I think I ended up with like $350, and then I spent that on some new stuff and the cycle repeats.

eBay app on your phone with auto relisting makes selling things pretty easy, and I’m always surprised what things sell and for how much TBH.

$20 per item is kinda the limit for my time, anything less I just offer to friends for free.

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Not really related (but kind of).

I am taking this approach to a lot of things – I want something nice, I buy it by selling things I own. I end up with less stuff, and will eventually get the thing I would like. Case in point - my new homebrew equipment was paid for by selling a lot of things in my garage and around the house.

Feels good.

Are we ‘kondoing’ our bike stuff?

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It’s more “townhousing” for me.


Word is, the fixie revival is coming soon. In fact, it may already be upon us…you heard it hear first.

Are you hyping this to try shift some track gear?


Everytime I turn around in my garage I see bike stuff I don’t need/want and I need to offload. I did pass onto Good Cycles stuff I knew we wouldn’t use before we moved, but since we moved there’s things I now know won’t really get used up here, including a few bikes (yes one’s a track bike). It just seems like a difficult task to get it sold.