what pedals?

so, what clipless pedals should i get?
i was going to get a nice pair of clips and straps but plastic clips look a little ergh, and the metal ones tend to snap off i believe (with the way i treat my gear if this is at all possible then it will happen).
so i think clipless might be nice. so firstly, recessed mountain bike ones, so i don’t hobble or road shoes. i don’t really know. and then which of the many possible combinations of shoes and pedals should i be looking at?
purpose- street riding, not long distance

any suggestions?


Using Crank Brothers Quattro pedals on both my geared roadie and fixie.
Easy in and out, plenty of float and best of all I can use my MTB shoes or roadie shoes with them as they are completely compatible with either the roadie or MTB cleats.


Don’t listen to the Time apologists here, they’re wrong.

TIME ATAC. Don’t listen to those Eggbeater tragics - The last few are holding onto the hope that they’re right, but the rest have already bought TIMEs.

Reasons: TIME are more robust, have stronger cleat engagement and their cleats last longer

There’s a reason that Eggbeaters are now quite cheap.

And don’t bother with SPDs.

I should clarify that Eggbeaters and SPDs do of course WORK, but they don’t work AS WELL as TIMEs.

You could spend less money now and buy an SPD/Eggbeater pedal that will fail / you’ll pull-out of constantly / wear cleats at an alarming rate or you could buy buy TIME now and never have those problems.

i wear specialized mountain bike shoes with SPD’s.
SPD’s on all my bikes and only ever pulled out once

Incorrect, but I do agree with the excessive cleat wear. The only time I’ve pulled out of my Candy/Eggbeater/Crank Bros (whatever mine are) is when I wasn’t clipped in right. Most people I’ve talked to feel that ATAC cleat life is better than Candies, and thats the only ‘real’ difference. Leave SPD’s for the bush.

Funny, I hear and read various stories about broken Candy’s but I have had 5 pairs with only 1 breakage in about 4 years.
That pedal was quickly replaced by CB, no questions asked (despite the fact that I had bought them 2nd hand and had no proof of purchase).
I have had a bearing explode in another pedal but it had had nearly 2 years of abuse on my SS MTB. The bearings are easily sourced via my local bearing shop for a nominal cost so this is also hardly a worry.

I have also used ATAC’s and found them a good pedal too.
As I said, the ability to use a pedal that is completely compatible with both my MTB and roadie shoes is why I use CB’s range.

Not sure if this helps but the super commuter at work is getting these…

Ha ha, possibly the ugliest pair of moon boots I have ever seen! :smiley:

i pass on those.

i’m leaning towards eggbeaters, because they seem to be cheaper to buy,
i still haven’t finished my ‘research’ yet though

Poor old SPD’s they do the job fantastically, with no fanfare and people still want to stick the boot into them! :cry:

I never had a problem with them in 8 years couriering. Never pulled out and they never failed on me. Only bugbear is that once you wear the cleat plate on the pedal Shimano dont provide that part as a spare but after you accumulate 3 or 4 pairs you can just use the pedal you dont click out of every stop to provide cleat plate spares for the others and when they only cost 50-60 bucks…

I cant rate the ATAC’s. I went through 2 pairs in 6 months. On both sets the engage cleats cracked. Liked the feeling of them but not convinced of their durability.

Im on a set of Crankies at the moment but long for my old reliable 535’s…


Shimano SPDs can be had ex-OEM from some bike shops for ~$50 (eg BSC). Some shimano shoes will come with cleats, so that’s good.

Time ATAC are available at EPX for ~$50 with cleats.

And you just missed a very cheap set of black eggbeaters :confused: Ebay is good for Eggz/Candies.

Any of them will work fine for you - try one or two and develop your own preference, aesthetic, religious or otherwise :slight_smile:

thanks, it seems to be personal preference is the deciding factor.
i may try atac’s…

Crank Bros cleats wear too quickly and snap cages.

SPD’s jam.

Never used Time.

I can however recommend flat pedals, or clips-and-straps.

I think that we may have run down the EPX supply of cheapie ATACs, but there may be a few left.

Sheesh - you admins/moderators sure are a finicky bunch!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the voice of reason :wink:

Fvck em all.
Clips and straps rock.
You can ride clipped and strapped in for long rides (just get used to track standing without the option of bailing out), or you can ride to the pub in your best pair of leather boots.
Very versatile!

i purchased atacs from epx, that’s a pretty cool shop, lots of stuff for what seemed like lower prices. plus the guys building a cafe racer style motorbike out the back. it took a little backtracking to find though, about half an hour longer then it should have, and we lost mj on the way through the city.

Yeah, sorry, I kept on going into Docklands and across that way.

Did you happen to notice what their carbon mtb flat bars cost?


i noticed today the dustcap has fallen of one of the pedals. no big worry, except it also controls lateral movement of the pedal.
i get a feeling it may have something to do with spending an hour trying to ride backwards maybe unthreading it. anyway, cecil wlaker is ordering it in, and if it’s the right part, it’s only $9