Whats up with douchebags?

A friend of mine in Brisbane recently got a track frame she is running as a single speed with a rear brake. I’m sure people have opinions on this.
Its a VERY nice Soren Son; columbus, fillet brazed, really tight clearances, etc… its a beautiful frame.
Anyhoo, she was leaving work one night and some guy had stopped to take some photos of it and have a chat, but when he saw the freewheel, was all “oh its not fixed?”, turned his nose up and fucked off.
Am I wrong for wanting to slap the guy? Should I care? I just got out of the car after driving for 9 hours and I’m a little addled.

haha chill out erle, but yeah… dude was probably a douche. (see you on the 22nd?)

For sure mate, I wont be missing out!

sounds like a douche to me.
fixed, free, geared, who cares. it’s a bike, and sounds like a nice one.

this made me laugh. a nice bike is a nice bike.

sounds like more of a douchecake than a douchebag to me :smiley:

A freewheel on a track frame. What a fuckin waste man!

(I just wanted to be the stand out in the forum :-D)

:roll: That’s Brisbanites for ya. Arrive late to a party and then start telling everone how lame is it.