What's with the clicking?!

I have a problem of pervasive clicking on the roadie (Ultegra 6800, Curve Belgie). To date I have:

[li]Replaced BB
[/li][li]Replaced chain
[/li][li]Replaced pedals
[/li][li]Removed, greased, reinstalled chainrings + spider
[/li][li]Reinstalled + correctly torqued non-driveside crank arm

What else should I check? I can reproduce it while seated and out of the saddle, on both crank arms, while climbing, while sprinting.

It’s ruining my life.



your knees?

lol… Just ride in the rain more and something else will inevitably start making noise at a level that drowns out the click

seriously tho my bet is the bb - have you used locktite on the bb thread?


I have a curve that clicks too. WARRANTY.

  • a billion. Usually the culprit (for me) specially after riding in the wet. Bit clean/grease/oil and its all good again.

shoelace on the chainring.

metal watch strap.

Bottle cage bolts
Fd clamp
Cassette lockring


Pressfit bb’s

Chainring bolts

Cracked chainstays

Seatpost clam

Derailleur hanger
Seatpost rails

Chainstay mussel

Might want to check both tubes as well. It could be a bivalve

It’s always the BB shell.