What's your biggest bike stack?

I hope i just had mine. Injury count is as follows;
broken left elbow, wrist and both bones in my arm. Broken right hand and shattered both my right ring and pinky fingers along with a compound fracture of my middle finger (the bone came out through the tip of my finger removing my nail in the process). Along with that i also left a good portion of skin on the road.

Riding at down hill at 60km/h and big rocks dont mix!


I just threw up a little in my mouth…

Fuck, you win.

Broken nose, lacerations on face, hands and arms, head injury (amnesia) road rash on ~40% of my face, two black eyes, swollen left side of face and $894 ambulance bill.

The bike was fine.

have just put my dinner down and decided ona stiff vodka to ward off the bad dreams coming

Two broken ribs and a severely bruised ego!

ME v Car

Fractured C2, C3,T7, T8 and T10 vertebrae, So Broke my neck and Back!!

dislocated RHS AC Joint and both shoulders.

Cracked a couple of ribs and sprained an ankle.

Knocked out for a few hours in there somewhere as well.

Surprisingly much much bark off.

This came just a few days after taking on a guard rail at over 60 kph :-o

A year on and I’m still up shit creek!!

If you got proper haircut at the barbers maybe things would have turned out diffrent son.eg you could see whats coming

Vote 1 for the most depressing thread evaaaaaa

only stacked my bike twice, bothe times the chain either snapped or fell off.

not really any injuries, bit of road rash on
hands, elbows,
knees and toes,
knees and toes,
knees and toes.


But nothing like some of the sickening injuries above.

If bonus points are awarded for photos i will have to upload some tomorrow. I don’t know what was worse the initial pain of the accident or having people look/laugh/stare or question you because you have both your arms in casts.
Luckily i barely recieved a scratch on my face, but my helmet has seen better days.


Nah. This is a good effort for sure.

But I reckon Andy still wins. Cheating death is always worth bonus points.

Nowhere near as epic as the others posted here. When I was about 14 I was riding a mates bike (a road bike that was 100 sizes too big for me) in a small country town with a girl. I went to go straight at an intersection and she cut left right in front of me cutting my wheel and sending me flying over the handlebars. I slid for the better part of 20m and was picking gravel out of my knees, elbows, shoulders and hips for a month. I hate gravel…

my best was skidding side on into a car at a pedestrian crossing after he ran the red
my elbow went right through his side window, no epic breaks though just shards here and there

wow all these are huge,

I went through the front windscreen of a car, then back onto on coming traffic hitting a front bumper on the corner of church and swan streets, bike snapped in half (carbon)one half went inside a 7-eleven the other wedged under a car,

Didn’t want to pay the ambo bill so waved them off got a lift back home with the police (left a pool of blood on their back seat)
Shock set in the shower and I had a little cry.

Got away with only cuts, swelling plus $11k insurance payout after three weeks,
I’m so lucky, my helmet saved my life for the second time
I still remember the moment just before impact,my thoughts in my head were four words,

Fuck I’m dead sorry?
I’m not sure who to or why my brain said sorry?

Did some one sayh “cheat death” , well let’s stoke the fire put some marsgmellows on a stick and shit and pleasepleaseplease tell the story. seriously tell the story.


how’d it happen?

I had the green heading up swan outbound, chick was coming inbound (city) looking past me to the cars behind me and turned right into church “me” without braking for the corner, hit me doing about 40km the police said. My cateye read 32km forever after that.