What's your tubular tyre choice for indoor track

Curious to know what people use for indoor track / boards… just got me some new shoes and they need new rubber

Vitoria pista or veloflex record,
If your really ballin get some fmb

not at that level to warrant FMB’s

corsa evos not enough?

link to these tyres?

Vittoria Pista EVO CS

Only tubs I’ve ever used. Feel good.

Pista CS over pista evo CS?

I think the difference is that Evo CS have cotton/silk sidewalls, so are lighter.

I could be wrong though.

Cheers mate… stats put them at just over 100gm lighter, also higher TPI

new to the tub game so looking to gather as much info / real life use comments as I can

Reasonable tyre that will handle indoors and out plus training usually found at a reasonable price is the Vittoria Corsa Evo CX.

Indoors only race tyre - Vittoria Pista Evo CS

Looking for an indoor only tyre so nice to note about both

Also I think some people use tape for track tubs, but it’s generally recommended to use good old glue instead.

Maybe worth noting.

Cheers… I was leaning towards glue done by someone who knows what their doing over tape. good to know I’m on the right ‘track’

Tape is for wrapping presents.


Glue isn’t that bad. I cocked up my first crack at it but that tyre was stuffed anyway so it was good practice. Second attempt wasn’t great either but it’s held on well, has a bit of a hop near the valve but I ride it outdoors anyway so you can barely feel it. Just pre stretch your tyres, make sure your glue is dry on the tyre before you mount it. Use curse words as you see fit.

Yeah I agree, no point buying the best tyre and stuffing it with poor gluing.
I’d take it to a good shop and ask them.
I usually do about 4 coats on the rim if new and about three on the tyre then glue on.
I also do it in a truing stand to get it dead straight and balanced.

Cheers folks… Definitely leaving it to a shop but will watch on for future attempt.

Just to throw it in there, anyone rate conti tubs or tufo tubs? Seems like the Vittoria rubber is used by most.

Conti are good but very very tight. You’ll have to mount them for a week with no glue to stretch them.

If you want tyres for Dunc Gray id avoid Pistas and go Veloflex. Every time someone slides to their death there they have pista evos.

If only I read this 3 hrs earlier… I just hit the buy on a pair of Pista CS tubs

Hopefully they can’t be worse than gatorskins which I used for a few start up races last year @ dunc :S

manchester velodrome approved tire list commentary(apparently a slippery place) http://www.aboc.com.au/Members/carl/carls-blog/archive/2010/03/31/tyres-for-board-track-velodromes/view

im using pista evo cl at the moment. roll pretty fast.
Would have got veloflex records if i had the moolah because on the clinchers you can probably do about 5km/h on the top of banks no problem, so the tubs would be ballin’