Wheelset Quote - Too much?

Goose (and everyone esle),

I’ve been quoted $340 for an unmachined stock hub Deep V Flip Flop Wheelset.

Too much? or Should I be looking elsewhere?

Not to get business away from Australian stores, but try wheelandsprocket | eBay Stores They have Deep v’s with Formula hubs for about that including postage.

Hmmm, I thought they were cheaper. oh well.

I paid 290 for mine off ebay, so if you’re buying them here in australia, its probably a reasonable price.

That sounds pretty reasonable to me

Don’t Human Powered have them for less than that?

To build them using locally bought parts you are looking at very roughly $100 per rim, $50 per wheel for build, $1-2 per spoke depending on what you use, so that’s over your $340 before you even get the hubs.

Great thanks for the replies guys, just wanted to double check.

thats an excellent price for those wheels i haven’t seen anything under the $450 mark, even online. I would also watch what you buy on ebay, they may seem cheap but you may end up paying tax and they usually use a less reputable hub. I’d pounce on that yimmy!

Wheelandsprocket aren’t too bad. The shipping isn’t ludicrous and taxes didn’t seem to be an issue, but yeah, they are only Formula hubs.

wheel and sprocket seem to have a monopoly on the ebay wheelset thing haha

i thought RRP in Aus through your LBS for the wheelset was around $400 anyway

I paid around that for mine.

*By “that”, I meant the original post - $340

Whellchair wheels for old fellas like you are inherently more expensive… :stuck_out_tongue:

i paid $380 at cheeky monkey in sydney. been abusing them for a year and they still roll nice and true.


Front - White machined
Back - Celeste unmachined

If I ran brakes on an unmachined front wheel, would it mark badly? I guess black on white, I don’t really need an answer.

but here’s one anyway. yes.

you can get white brake pads, though, apparently.

Will look into it, Thanks bud

that’s just cruel.