Where to get decent wheels

I recently came by a tange frame someone had thrown out for council pickup

I fancy turning it into a fixie but I’m having trouble finding wheels which aren’t totally rubbish

My other bike is a UK Condor bike and I’m thinking of having wheels shipped Condor Uno Deep-V Wheelset | Wheels & Hubs | Components | Condor Cycles hopefully there is somewhere I haven’t looked more local

Can anyone advise?

Define ‘decent’.


if your gonna spend 200 pounds your better off checking out velomine.com

well I guess something which doesn’t warp when hitting one of the many pot holes in Sydney and the spokes don’t snap when hooked up to a fixie. Something stealth without having some manufacturers name written across it. I would happily put track wheels on it. Its my first project to build a bike and I’m sick and tired of bike shops selling overpriced components already

Damn right

Phil Wood to Mavic Open Pro 3x
$520 shipped to Aus. All round quality. Tough. Never buy wheels again.

Or either of these, which have the added bonus of being 23mm wide:

Phil Wood to Archetypes

White Industries to Velocity A23

Otherwise, as I said above, read the New Buyers Guide for discussion of wheels around $200 that aren’t rubbish.


it seems that if you’re after LHD roadie wheelsets they’ve got you covered:

Sit, now the bank won’t lend me money as my business plan for LHD roadies is out the window. Thanks Teny.

But srs, velomine.

I’d sell these wheels for $500. Phil Wood to H+Son rear, Phil Wood to Velocity Deep V front radial laced by Shifterbikes. Front has brake surface now showing

Disc compatible! #ontrend

OP did you end up deciding on wheels?

He went quiet after he found himself strangely attracted to some Teny lovin

anyone had any experience with the chinese carbon wheels off alixpress and ebay? can get pair of 60mm carbon clinchers for $400 landed.

There are hundreds of pages of reviews on these on roadbikereview and other forums. Just read through them, figure out which seller is the best.

Use the Search function, there’s a fair bit on them here too.

If it was me, I wouldn’t just buy off alibaba, I’d buy of a reputable seller (for chinese carbon).
As Diddy said, there is some good reading on roadbikereview, weight weenies and BNA

Yep been riding mine road and track for over a year now. Brakeless so i’ve had no braking issues per say.

Hard to say how many km’s on them as they are my sw8 fixie wheels, probably 2000km as a fair estimate.

Havent had any dramas hopping up/down gutters, skids, whatever. Novatec hubs are good enough for what they are.

Would buy again.

pulled the trigger on these. will report back once they get in!

Which seller did you use?