Which Mudguards ????

Hey guys,
The rain has arrived for the year and I need a mudguard.
Just wondering what brand are the best looking and where to get 'em???

There was a massive discussion on here last year about this.

Search for wet weather riding or wet weather shenangins.

Best looking:
Gilles Berthoud (stainless), Honjo hammered, Soma Tanaka (brass), Fastboy Fenders (timber), Velo Orange Zeppelin.

What you should buy:
Tight clearances & no eyelets: SKS Raceblades or a Zefal Flamingo
North of the river: Axiom (Commuter Cycles)
South of the river: SKS/Zefal (St. Kilda Cycles)
Too much money: Import one of the best looking ones from the USA, or some Planet Bike ones.

I use the SKS Raceblades. They’re great- light, and don’t ruin the look of your bike.
The only downside is that they are designed to be removable, so they are possibly a little bit flimsy in the way they attach to the frame.

Where can we get these in Oz?

abbotsford cycles has (or gets) timber fenders. dunno if they are Fastboy or not.

DONT GET SOMA’s :evil: The mounts crack, they’re noisy and they keep moving around.


And you can’t adjust the stays independently, they kill kittens…I don’t like my Somas either, but I have them setup ok now and they’re doing their job.

The Soma Tanaka is different though, it’s a sexy brass number.

I like Des’ Axioms the most out of what I’ve seen available in Melbourne based on price/performance/looks.

Don’t forget the very supercommuter LDPE (milk bottle) mudflap addition to really keep your feet dry.

Supercheap recycle option: DIY Coroplast (think real estate / election signs.)


I just installed SKS chromoplastics on a friend’s ride. (flat bar Surly Long Haul Trucker)

Not sexy minimalist, but easy to adjust and install and look great for the full coverage they provide.

It looks like Wiggle have SKS Race Blades for sale for about $86 including postage to Australia. That’s $30 cheaper than Bicycle Express in Adelaide.

Might have to get a set cause the BB rear mudguard I have at the moment does very little.

The axioms are pretty basic but they fit well and at more than half the price of SKS too. You can see them on my bike at the link below. It’s the last bike in the gallery.

Damoh is right about the Soma. Not great but they do the job. If anyone wants a set, they can buy mine for a bottle of milk.


Support your LBS, 'cause when shit goes bad they’ll support you!

Also, hurrah for Velosmith! Tassie pride, Tim rules.

As for mudguards, I’m a big fan of the SKS X3 for a removable rear guard. It’s wide, easy to take on and off, and doesn’t look too ridiculous. Retails for about $40 I believe.

I’ce called Abbottsford Cycles every day all this week and the phone always goes to message bank :?
Surely they can’t be on the phone all the time. Left 4 messages and have had no replies :x

I wouldnt be surprised if their phone shares a line with their EFT-POS/CC machine… thus the ‘always busy’ perception.

Maybe try right when they open, or just before?

Arnt you in Qld?

Abbotsford is in Melbourne.

Yes but up until now I haven’t heard of anyone in Qld stocking wooden mudguards so I thought I’d ring them and find out more about where they get them and if they know anyone in Qld who stocks them. My LBS 300 metres up the road certainly doesn’t stock them.
I think they’re really cool :wink:

I’ve been meaning to pick up some fenders for a while now. Thinking either the SKS Raceblades, or the Topeak Defender R1/R2 set. Anyone know which shops stock either of them?

Figured I’d bump this thread cause I have some questions.

Anyway I could put full fenders on my bike with brake holes but no fender mounts? I’ve heard something about using p-clips or something, anyone have any experience with this?

yep the sks ones attach to your seat stays so you dont need eyelets.
abbotsford stock the sks ones.

Thought about them, but I’m building up a rain bike and would rather full fenders, as opposed to the smaller ones that clip onto the seat stays.