Which Wheels To Buy

Hey, this is my first fixied gear bike, just wondering which are the best but most reasonably priced wheels i can buy, that come with a flip/flop hub?

IMO B43’s are unnecessarily heavy, as are deep V’s, unless you plan on tricking.

I haven’t ridden on many wheelsets, but I use velocity aeroheads as they almost never need truing but aren’t too heavy. Not only that but they’re pretty cheap and Australian.

I’m sure somebody else will offer better advice, but shop around and get it hand built if you can afford it.

Yeah, I’m looking for the same advice as the OP.

Why do you recommend getting it handbuilt?


What is meant by handbuilt

aeroheads are awesome. but if youve got a more modern frame with thicker tubing etc deep vs and 43s look pretty good. and theyre cheaper to buy as a complete.

I would say the Velocity Deep-V set, not so much because it is the best, but rather it is easily available, cheap, strong and ‘decent’.
The Velocity B43 as mentioned is overkill for 99% of bicycle needs. Of course if you want them for aesthetics that’s fine, but they are not functionally better than an Aerohead or Deep-V.

Look on ebay for cheap US imports (exchange rate makes it cheaper to buy OS)
otherwise look on bikeexchange.com.au for your local bike shop specials.

If you go into a bike shop off the street, they’ll probably rip you off. Just saying.

As for handbuilts, yes they are great if built by an experienced wheelbuilder. However you’ll be paying significantly more $$ for this privilege.

i love my b43’s, $310 shipped to my door too i think it was bellsbikestore on ebay,

I LOLed hard at that one :smiley:

If they are going on a fixed gear bicycle function, reliability, blah blah blah has little to do with what wheels you buy.

Just get what looks the best.

You should also consider whether you’ll be running a front brake (recommended). If yes you should choose a rim that has a machined braking surface (front wheel). You can buy mismatched machined/non-machined wheels online.

I use Alex Rims DA22s, not as cool as velocitys but I’ve found them to ride well.

As horatio said (for some reason I can’t insert quotes, something about not being able to load the quotefast template?), Deep V’s are a good choice. They’re easily available, cheap, they hold their shape well, and they just work.

I find a lot of Alex Rims to be quite soft and flexible, especially the DA22. But they’re pretty cheap, and for a first set of wheels, they’re not bad.

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im looking for wheels too
are the weinmann deep v’s any good?

Just bought some white Weinmann DP18’s for $160 US on eBay with a few other things. With the exchange rate at the moment it seems like good value for a first fixed gear wheelset. Bell’s Bike Shop

It took just 10 days to get my Weinmann DP18’s from the US (eBay) and for less than AU$200 delivered!

Still waiting on other parts before they get to see the road. Only issue, the red paint is slightly rubbed off in one section where they have rubbed during transit - which is strange as they seemed to be packed very well. Today, I’m off to “priceline” to colour match my red DP18’s at the revlon stand! :expressionless: :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any experience with the Weinmanns? How do they compare to Deep Vs?

My mate got a set of Halo Aero Rage (it’s a god dam stupid name I know) but they are pretty decent entry level wheels and are super cheap off wiggle at about $130 a wheel shipped.

the dp18 are the same depth and width as the deep v they just use a heaver aluminium and yet are not as strong as the deep v. they are alright for a starter wheel. Im sure after a while of riding you will want to upgrade to something lighter and stronger depending on the style of riding you do

yeah I’ve got a set of weinmanns from wheelandsprocket (eBay), the paintwork is puss and peels off when removing the decals. but for the price I paid, I’m happy with the weight and strength.

i have a set of weinmanns and they’ve been fine for me. no issue with the paint peeling, the decals on the set i have peeled off with no issue. apart from the fact white’s a bitch to keep clean they’ve been great :slight_smile:

i did have a few issues with shipment but that was just bad luck. so far haven’t heard any other stories of ppl being sent the wrong colour…

Have a look at www.handbuiltwheels.blogspot.com

He’s based in Melb. and an advertiser here.

Really nice handbuilt wheel sets starting at about $399.

You may as well invest in a good custom set and get what you want. You will always be able to recuperate at least 50% of what you paid for them by flogging them on here or ebay even after using them for a year, and you won’t have to upgrade once the fixed bug has really bitten hard.