Who wants to get Sachs-y?


“have no odd dietary needs while traveling…”

If Richard Sachs needs to advertise for 1-2 riders his team must be shit,
Honestly they can’t find 2 good riders in their network?
I would suggest it’s a publicity stunt but his bikes are a few year wait, I just don’t get it.

Yeah, it’s a bit weird, but Sachs is weird isn’t he

Hasn’t he also pulled the pin on taking orders?

Yeah I heard that,
But I never read to much I to steel custom bike Knights templer stuff I’m yet to hear a big name steel builder not say I’m booked out for x amount of months or even years I think it creates hype in the old supply/demand chain.

I am booked out for coffee dates for 6 months.

This I would believe, but if donuts are offered a spot always opens up.