HALBOT- I need a nice 15mm thru front hub, the WI looks like a good potential option.
Does anyone know:
-Is the 15mm thru axle version actually available yet, in centerlock?
-Give Commuter a call perhaps?
-Thank you

Loving the fact the pricing is reasonable AND they do a silly amount of drillings.

Call commuter.

Cool. Out of interest, are you now an employee of CC?

or call Grand Prix Cycles in Caulfield… they are the local distro for WI and also tend to be the same price as anything online.

Just buy a Hope Pro2 Evo or DT Swiss 340 both are excellent, light front hubs and if you change your fork to some new wacky standard chances are you’ll be able to get adaptors for them. Either that get a new Sram inverted fork which comes with the hub included.

EDIT: scrap that last bit you’re still running clown wheels aye.

Fair points but yeah, still running clown wheels, and I love centerlock FTW :slight_smile:

And specifically if you want 15mm TA with 28H in Centerlock, DT Swiss 240 hubs are the only option. And these are silly $$.

Computer says no: DT Swiss - 350

2 mins on the internet: DT Swiss 350 Straight Pull Front HUB 28H 15mm Thru Axle Center Lock Disc | eBay

Will probs take another couple of mins for J-spokes.

Have 350s on my cross bike. Good hub - same as 240s but with a Taiwanese hub shell that is fractionally heavier.

EDIT: sorry, not trying to be HALBOT.

^Yes straight pull, no J-bend 350 hub in 28H. Trust me, I’ve asked.

Appreciate you stepping up to HALBOT level though :slight_smile: !!

Time to go SP then I guess. Whats wrong with SP anyways?


Straight Pull.

Ah, but I already asked the wheelbuilding folk http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f9/wheel-building-thread-17225/index38.html

And the recommendation was a resounding ‘stay with j-bend’

more like it

Ah you mean ISO/6bolt. Talk about confusing terms.

Look, if you’ve ever used Centerlock, you don’t go back to 6bolt.

except for the bit where i said there was nothing “theomaretically” wrong with straight pull (followed by a large slab of text which i intended to be incomprehensible on the basis that it might make me appear smart)

anyway surely teh real question involves the available colours of ano does it not? (the answer is always purple AFIR)

Shutup engineer

I did.

Here we go… why out of interest.

I got a centrelock wheel, its fine. Is it better? Not that I know of. Is it better enough to justify having your choices of hub severly limited? Aboslutely no way. What do you think you’re getting out of it that makes it worth sticking with while forcng you to compromise on your wheel builds?

edit: SNAP with JICE! i wouldnt go centrelock for future builds unless there was a raging deal on them.
-i can put a cap over the spline and pretend my wheel was built for a touring bike with cantis
-slightly quicker installation
-limited rotor availability
-limited hub options AND availability
-no chance to FRO your bike up and use only 3 bolts