Winter / rain bikes, fenders, tyres, lights and all that jazz.


bumping for the wet weather :wink:

FYI, the new Cyo Premium lights are shipping, this is the one you want: 1752qsndi-04. 80 lux, new beam shape.

The Luxos U has received an update, the switch is now hardwired in, no more 3.5mm jack for water to get in.


Blakey - question for my new frankenbike - it’s gonna tour, ride trails, haul a baby on bike paths, be a dutch-wife and take long walks on the beach. So I want to rock fenders on the odd day here and there, but not all the time. My criteria are: non-faff easy removal, full coverage, fat tyres (40mm plus) - am I dreaming?


I can remove the full mudflapped fenders on my bike in 5min.

  • undo back of fender nut x2, don’t touch brakes.
  • undo strut bolts at dropouts x4
  • undo CS bridge bolt x1.

Drop fenders out.

Only need to pull the rear wheel to get to the CS bolt.

You’re not touching the strut adjustment, so reinstallation is quick and painless.

SKS P50 or thereabouts should do the trick.


Yeah I figured that’s where it’d end up. I haven’t tried this on mine, but is it right that you can quick release the ASR clip at the dropouts, and buy spares for the rear to do the same? I recall somewhere that you mentioned this ages ago in response to apparent difficulties in using full fenders with horizontal dropouts.


You could do that too, would save a couple min and leave the mounts on the eyelets.

Essential equipment for fenders x track ends collabo


Yeah I should really get around to doing that on my fixed commuter - but I don’t get flats very often at all (Durano Plus - badly fondling my wooden desk right now) and I only take off the rear wheel on the infrequent full service. Also can’t seem to find the spares on the internets for when it does occur to me to be a good idea, like now (it never occurs to me when I’m at the LBS).


Blakey- can you advise a good way to prevent my jacket, pants and shoes from getting wet while riding in the rain with a fully fendered bike?


Stay at home.


Put them in a waterproof pannier.


Actually a brilliant answer!


You need waterproof covers for your waterproofs.


Great thread! Those PDW Full Metal Fenders look sweet as.


Dear Blakey (you need a column),

Is there a Blakey approved 700 rim for a commuter/light tourer dynamo wheel build?




rim brake / disc brake?

weird brake geometry on the frame?


also, your local shop can order in prebuilt SP dyno wheels, and occasionally there are handspun dyno wheels on ebay.


Tubed, bike is old 27" Panasonic converted to 700 with tektro long reach brakes, I’ve got a grand voucher to spend at pedal cyclery but also need lights and fenders


Whups, never replied.

Mavic touring rim is probably a good idea. 319/519/719, DB spokes, brass nips, 3N80 or Shutter Precision hub. B&M IQ Cyo Premium (no DRL) light. If you see youself moving this wheel to a disc bike in future, get the shimano XT with the centrelock mount, it’s covered up nicely if you don’t use it and you future proof the wheel.


Cheers, just saw this.

Sounds like Chris has steered me in the right direction, We’ve gone the 719 laced to 3N80. I’ve been trying to justify to myself getting the Luxus U but think I will go the Cyo Premium as the bike will be locked up out the front of the house.

Hopefully mostly ready when I get back to Melb next week


Sorry can’t seam to edit, is this the light of choice

Bike24 - Busch + Müller Lumotec IQ Cyo Premium Senso Plus 80 Lux LED Front Light 1752QSNDi-04


That’s the one, get it from starbike or xxcycle, bike 24 don’t know when they’ll have more.


b-b-b-bump. Updates to fenders and lights in first post.