Wisemans ferry gravel grind 12 March 2017

Wisemans ferry gravel grind.

90ks of gravel and sealed roads around the Hawkesbury and Colo rivers.

7:30 am at the park near the main ferry for an 8:00am roll out.

There is a bail out option on this ride to make a 40k loop if any one is keen.

Tentative. as usual, depends on kids/nell schedule.

I’m keen.

Hopefully in.

Sounds fun! But enduro-ing down south at Green Valleys MTB park that day.



Tight. Anyone driving from inner west?

Here we go, some more information on my very neglected blog:

Should be good to do this ride again.

Probably in

In, with usual dadlyf provisos.

So apparently the ferry runs 24/7?! That’s cool.

Thinking of getting a train to Brooklyn Saturday arvo and exploring the Dharug National Park, stealth camping somewhere near the start. Let me know if anyone else is keen eh. 70ish km…

Then probs TT it back to Pennant Hills on the Sunday

You might be able to camp at St Albans common opposite the pub, about 20 kms from Wiseman’s, or Mill Creek is a nice NPWS site for a few dollars.

I hardly ride bikes and will be hella slow so no good for me (get given the ripping pace of the last one)

Hope y’all have a blast tho

Was Dan at the last one? Pace will probably be a bit slower this time, at least on my part.

TBH honest was a combination of things last time too - knee was buggered - and hadn’t ridden for a while.

Same will probably happen this time too, and yeah, Dan was at the last one.

Sweet - camping at Mill Creek aligns well with existing route :slight_smile:

I’ll try my best for this one. It’s my sisters 40th bday the night before so I’ll try and work something out. I’ll be doing it on the surly so no cracking pace for me.

In. Probably. Get back from overseas the morning before, will factor jet-lag and other misc things to see how I feel on the day.

Have locked this in for Sunday.

Tom - interesting idea starting from Brooklyn. Not sure if you can get access through the farm at Glenworth Valley. You might need to ride all the way up to Mangrove Mountain and then down again via Upper Mangrove / Ten Mile Hollow. I don’t know anyone who’s ridden that section though.

I’m also thinking about camping near Wiseman’s on Saturday night. Won’t be able to leave Marrickville til after 8pm though, so it will be a late one, and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to do the same.

After we finish (pub lunch at Wiseman’s?) I’m planning to ride back to Windsor and get a train home from there. In case anyone else wants to join.