Wisemans Ferry Gravel Grind 2015!

Wisemans Ferry Gravel Grind 2014

Last year’s gravel grind, washed out in the cold and the wet, was still one of the best rides of the year. This year, it’s on again. A couple of months earlier for the daylight and warmer weather but still with all your favourite gravel sections.

Saturday 12 April 2014. Ninety ks of gravel and a little tar, with a 40k option.

Meet at Wiseman’s Ferry Park from 7:00am for a bacon and egg roll and an 8:00am start.


In. How about jamming in an extra 10kms for a nice round 100?

I’ll look at my Garmin from last year. It was not far off the century, but the only really viable option for adding the k’s would be St Albans and that is 40 more, arriving way too early for lunch. Or reverse it, and do all the really nasty steep climbs at the end…


Well I’m thinking 13 April, route to be announced. Who is in?

In!!! Doable on 25mm 4Seasons or CX/MTB recommended?

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG so excited. Someone find me a Caad 4/5 without a huge dent in it or in a bad colourway asap.

Will be i C’brah that weekend.

Pending prior engagements (which I think there are none) I shall be in attendance. Lorday, when can I drop the big blue turd over to your place to have you work your mechanics skills on it??? And this time i’ll turn up!

AGAIN with this. Call me then turn up to appointment.

Ahaha, come in spinner! But seriously, yeah.

Last year Lizanne did it on 23s, in drizzle, and she survived. Her lower centre of gravity may have helped I guess.

I think I’m in. I haven’t ridden more than 10km at a time in the last month or two (theoretically studying for an exam/actually just sleeping in a lot) but I reckon I could get back into if for a ride as scenic as this one.

I’m in. Looking forward to it!

If I ride, who’s gonna bake the muffins and brew the coffee!!??

Who builds the fire if Ev and Jono participate?!?

Here’s hoping the weather will be nice enough that muffins/coffee/fire aren’t needed…

I’ll be on the cervelo with 25s as long as we are not doing shepherds gully?

…I hope we do. A Cervelo on 25s is a nice choice for a Gravel Grind.

…and before people jump at me again…this is not taken too seriously as I dont really care what people take on these kind of rides. I did the same one last year on my brake less track bike…it just limits the possibilities, thats all…

When is the weather so nice that you don’t need coffee?