Wiseman's road loop (no gravgrav): 5 July 2020

Hey youse,
Thinking about a 70km or so road ride starting at Wiseman’s. Head out Singleton Road along the river, then up Laughtondale Gully Rd, then Old Northern/Wiseman’s Ferry Road all the way along to River Road (with a nice diversion), then along River Rd back to Wiseman’s.
Only big climb is the Laughtondale Gully, which has been resurfaced and is a beautiful climb through rainforest.
All doable on 25s (or 23s if you’re a masochist). Pace won’t be high, stopping to collect stragglers etc.
Reason for tarmac-only is I’ve got some mates who only have roadies but want some nice country roads to ride. But lets do a gravel/dirt ride sometime soon.

Any interest?

edit: tagging @etomato @Carlin @2wheels4cam @droz @lemontime @rowanD @cafe_de_keirin

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wish I could come, sounds fun.

keen!! that was a nice climb last week when i did it!!
had to push up one steep dirt hill tho im so unfit lately.

We’re not going the steep dirt way Cam, so you’ll be fine.

Did a quick mockup of the ride, GMaps doesn’t recognise Laughtondale as a road so had to add it myself.


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good to hear haha doing circles in centennial once every few weeks has caught up with me :smile:

Sorry Jamesy, it’s the No HeavyMetals club.

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this hits me hard ngl.

Keen. Looking forward to seeing the new Laughtondale climb. Those are some great roads.

Count me in.

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Count me in. Would be great to catch up and that’s a good looking loop.

Has Laughtondale been paved?

Yep. Feels a lot safer now, though slightly more boring. Makes for a very nice climb.

Carlin’s box-section rims are breathing a sigh of relief. Tears weep gently from their nipples at the thought of him sending them down that pothole-ridden goat track again, flying full speed on 23s.

I’ll check on family commitments later. But keen if I can work it out. With work, laziness, and then covid, I haven’t ridden a non-mtb in a looong time. Would be nice for a change and good to catch up.

Oh no, it’s a disaster, why said the second set of eyelets, why?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but I can see why they’ve done it.

yeah, I was a bit bummed out by it. But at least it’s still not showing up on google as being passable, so other traffic should be at a minimum.

I’m out sorry - house reno’s and busy with tonnes too much work, making weekend free time pretty slim :frowning:

As an aside, I’m thinking I’ll do my patented “Gravel for Dummies”* ride a couple of weeks after this. A mate has just bought a suitable bike and is keen to get some dirt under the wheels. Watch this (or another) space for details.

*just the usual Wiseman’s to St Albans for a pie and schooner, then back.

Okay everyone, this is on Sunday. Weather is looking real good.

Thinking ~8.30 (or thereabouts) rollout would be good. Usual spot at the carpark near the ferry kiosk.

Who’s in?

I’m in.

Have been looking to find a way to get out there from Marrickville with a combination of train + bike. Can’t seem to get it to work without a 4am start though, so looks like I’ll be driving to Wisemans.

I’m in too. Time to dust off the road bike.

I’m out (sad face) - too much new house prep, and kids soccer back on Saturday so can’t do it then instead.

Let us know when you’re doing your gravel dummies though HM.