work experience time.

a friend of mine organizes work experience at an inner-city school.

if any of you have businesses and would be interested in paying some 16 year old $5 a day to do your menial tasks, pm me.

no chaz, they won’t come over and design buildings for you.

no craigc, they won’t eat your dick.

Don’t be so sure.


I’ll pay $5 a day for someone to delete posts and ban users.

I’ll take it!

Oh man! Tell me about it! they’re so shit! -
Why come and work in an Archi Office if you can’t design buildings. seriously?
and because I’m the youngest in the office I get hand-balled the Work Experience kids every time, and every time they just sit there and don’t know what to do. So I make them build complicated models with blunt stanly knives in the hope that they’ll cut themselves so badly that they have to take the rest of the week off.
Seriously though Brendan, are kids a bit useless these days or have I just forgotten how clueless year 10’s are? - I’m pretty sure I remember being able to follow simple instructions and form complete sentences when I was that age.

my perspective is pretty skewed after four or five years in alternative schooling.

so you’re saying you want one?

That still sounds 100x better than my work experience which involved data entry for 8 days.

I’m from Sydney, and I don’t want any kids hanging around my office, but does the school organise insurance? (Something business owners normally want to know).

Na - we’ve already got one lined up.
I’ve taken to implementing a points system at work, where people get points for helping out, being nice and (acknowledging the existence of) the work experience kid. It’s pretty bad - these kids are under the impression that everyone in the office is really nice and helpful - when really, they’re just trying to win a competition. They’re going to get such a shock when they get a real job.

yes. and they have to do some weird oh+s course first.

You would think the work experience pay rate would have gone up by now. I was getting paid $5 a day at the Warragul Gazette 10 years ago!
Kids are getting stooged.

That would have to be the best work exp/apprentice story i’ve ever heard. A++ would read again!

I’ve been put in charge of two in my short working life. The first when i was 18 back at KindaFuckedChicken and the other a year ago at my current office job. The K’Fa one was useless, he just cleaned metal surfaces for 10 days. The Office one did scanning and filing for 6 days, as well as listening to me explain how menial and repetitive my daily job/chores are, then went to another part of the office for the last 4 days.

i can’t believe they offer work experience at KFC. aren’t you meant to get your first job there, no experience required. Just don’t jump in the fryer

When i was in your situation I would give them a task of making a Sejima model for example at a whacked scale of 1:300 or 350 without telling them about scale. Keeps them dazed and confused for a while.


how the fuck do people like this get through daily life??

you got paid? back in my day, we ** were not allowed** to be paid… (mid 80’s)

for the average person yes…my work exp one was a bit of a special case.

every day via the email system we’d get logs of the accidents that had happened the previous day from stores across vic. some of them were hilarious (one person went outside, threw the rubbish bags in the dumpster and turned to walk back inside and walked strait into the closed door) others were quite nasty (having several slabs of soft-drink fall onto someone from the storage racks) with the one posted above being the worst of the lot.

i must say tho, that we at least had a ladder in the store for anything more than arms reach above your head. we also pulled our cookers out of the way when doing stuff above them so that there was zero chance of falling into them.

That would be the most horrible feeling ever.
I’d rather break bones than get serious burns. disgusting.

i got sent to fucking Kalgoorlie to do work experience on a mine (that massive Super Pit thing) cos my parents wanted me to be a be a mining engineer.

worst two weeks ever.

and how is your career in journalism going?