Anyone know anything about this mob?
Just featured in the Age today and seem to have a few facebook friends?

Am I wrong in second guessing the fact that all these photos are just ripped straight from http://www.republicbike.com so what are they actually going to be selling. Or are they in fact linked to Republic?


same as every other mob throwing out bikes for under $600.
good alternative for people that would otherwise get ripped off for a crappy conversion at the $400-$600, but not the best in the grand scheme of things

yep, same same same. look just like the ones that stole the brick lane bikes logo.

Just a shocking looking website.

I’m intrigued as to which Chinese supplier is bulking these out drop ship, to Australian shores… They’re strikingly similar to some others already mentioned…

go on dhgate.com or alibaba.

you’ll find the suppliers…


Doesn’t buying this cheap shit from China go against why many of us ride bikes? The Chinese manufacturing industry is highly polluting and they have some of the worst working conditions on the planet.

Recycle a 2nd hand frame or buy from somewhere that’s at least more environmentally responsible.


so poor quality

They’ve got a little article in the newest Australian Vogue. My girlfriend was reading it lastnight and said ‘I want a Jelly Bean bike!’. I told her she doesn’t…she agreed.

same, my girl said she liked the look of them after seeing them in the paper a few weekends ago… i nicely said no Chinese crap, we will be sourcing you an old track frame and then piecing it together with QUALITY parts bought from people on fixed.org, local shops and Australian companies. she agreed too.

the article about the company i read mentioned how the couple were from a design & marketing background and noticed how people love to customise their bikes.

not a word about them having any love for bikes at all or even if they rode much themselves.

Interesting to see that their site says “launching April 2010”, yet its now mid May and no sign of any action!
Also, you know they’ve got little experience or passion for bikes when they don’t even bother to say what brand any of the parts are. Must be ALL chinese crap.

I was looking for somewhere to maybe get advice on this without creating a wasted new thread, I just sanded down and re painted an old rusty vintage frame, found some nice silver drop bars and now I’m lost to find cheap parts for a fixed. I wanted to spend as little as possible and I’m still in need of most things (I only really have the frame forks and handlebar that are decent to use). Does anyone know of any cheap bike websites / information?

check eBay for Lasco parts. cheap, definitely not the greatest quality, but hey. also check bellsbikeshop on eBay. and • Milwaukee Bicycle Co. • Ben’s Cycle

Thanks! I just spent a bit looking at Nashbar stuff, seems to be really cheap there.
I might send out a big notice to rider friends and hope they’ll have a few spare parts they’re hoping to give away because so far this bike’s only costed me 30 dollars (for the paint) and I’m pretty keen to keep it as low as possible!

You should check out Cell Bikes, Best Road Bikes for the Money Sydney Bike Shop For Your City Bike, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Fixed Gear Bike and Bike Parts.

They are in Sydney have an active member in this forum and offer some nice cheap bits to get you started. Also speedy on shipment when idelt with them.

you will likely have problems getting stuff from nashbar. they only like shipping to US customers

Really? Not too keen on having to get a friend to get them and then getting it sent over here. Checked out Milwaukee, pretty decent prices and a wide range.
I think I’ll just raid our basement, we have a heap of old bikes but the last time I skimmed through, I found nothing I was allowed to take off the original bike. Sad times.
Thanks a heap!