So no one recommends it?

So many companies out there are clones that follow the same formula

  1. Get cheapass fixies from sweatshops in China and sell it for $500
  2. Offer it in lots of colours and allow people to customise it online (important!)
  3. ???
  4. profit

they must be taking a page out of the underpants gnomes business model…

I wonder when the big dick-ed fish are going to realise that the patrons of the (once apon a time) niche they’re flogging this crap to actually care about something other than ego masturbation???

(Btw… 1. 2. 3. Profit… not so subtle on the ‘I frequent a website which is about to be blacklisted’ score)

um, what?


i’m sure said website is one of senator conroy’s guilty pleasures. it can’t get blacklisted.

I’m you with Jams.

this thread needs to die, along with that website and business

it’s cancer.