xBBx's 10,000th post and retirement from FOA

So let’s take bets on what he’s planning.

I reckon he’s gonna turn out to be old man Withers from the amusement park.

I hope he finishes his time here by giving an in depth review of his Redline fixie.

Technically, for those keeping count, it’ll be his 10,001st post…

I don’t know him well enough to make predictions really. I know him well enough to not be able to predict it.

I reckon he’ll celebrate with a beer.

I’m in the same boat.

Can we perhaps get a bit of history on the man, his 9,999 posts so far, and why he’s hanging it up after 10,000?

I’m just concerned that with all the hype it’s gonna turn out to be a huge anti-climax.

I’m more interested in what username he’s gonna choose for his post-brendan lurking account.


This thread exists to enable said anti-climax.

I reckon he would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids…


It will be “use the search function”

Haha. Zing!

I reckon he has already ridden into the sunset and will never make that 10,000th post.

(that’s how I would do it)

It will be not what Brendan’s last post is but what ours is about him,

Who is Brendan?

I came, I searched, I found.

On a serious note, he"ll be remembered for keeping foa stauchly anti sexist and racist.
And ‘use the search function’, followed by ’ join bcc and pin a number you muppet’

Very true. BB’s legacy will always be the amount of fixie kids he got racing. Myself and many others!

I first met Brendan during the alleycat series of 2009, I think he was one of the first FoA members I could put a face to. I’m sure he thought I was a clueless fixie noob - he would have been right, but he was always happy to have a chat and found some common ground with music, football and bikes of course. I remember during one alleycat spotting him rolling hands free down Ruckers Hill reading his manifest and I wished I could have done that…it was probably twelve months later thatI was.

I remember when he was in the running for the Scody Cyclist of the Year. While many criticised his arrogance, I was impressed that he exploited a loop hole in the voting system and hey, why couldn’t a non-professional win such an award?

I enjoyed reading his blog; Source Of Fuck which was re-titled as The New Timer. He seemed to make some profound observations off the basis of everyday occurences and past memories, but always left the reader to come to their own conclusions. I wish he still did that blog. His writing style was casual but almost poetic in its rhythm, I wondered if his musical tastes were a big influence in his writing.

I occasionally see him around Brunswick or FoA events and he always makes the time for a chat. I can’t help but think given a different set of circumstances, we probably would have been good mates.

Looking forward to that 10,000th post, Brenno, then again, perhaps I’m not.

That is beautiful. A good example of why FOA is, was and hopefully always will be great.

I still think I will meet him properly one day, and look forward to it.