Your not a hipster just a nazi...

OMG this is pretty fucken funny


And so true,
I have been ranting about the shitness of JJJ for a few years now. And yet I still
Listen to it. Sigh

Time to switch at Radio National or NewsRadio?


plus this

Problem solved

Oh wow.

That was brilliant.

The same video was used for a similar thing a couple of years ago when Hitler heard the Tote was closing. Unfortunately the video has been taken down though.

For me this bloke was the beginning of the end

Michael Tunn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They should just make the king work a regular 9 hr day

I previously thought I’d seen so many of the hitler rants that I could no longer derive enjoyment and amusement from them… this clip proved otherwise.

… and starting the day with Tom and Alex is fucked

891 ABC AM for me thanks

it is surprisingly awesome

abc grandstand

late night local talkback radio is the best, so many pissed old people complaining about the government putting microchips in thier heads and the cost of public transport.

Just to clarify for non-Radeladians, that’s ABC Local radio. Has a good gardening show Saturday mornings.
Bit of it seem to be national these days.

fuck the radio any ways i only hear it when I’m at some one else’s place…

i have an itunes collection of over 3000 full albums…

no time or excues for radio…

Hey guys check it out this guy’s got over 3000 full albums fuck the airwaves

Fucken hell

ha the one station remotely worth listening to has gone to shit and i’m a bad arse cause id rather listen to music that won’t make it too the other radio stations any way…

internet radio is off the hook… over 40000 stations and just about anything you can possibly imagine

i’m a music snob and i’m not going to make any apologies for that

i can now hear hitler coming from 4 of the computers near me at work…

what’s the original film it’s taken from? i cannot recall at the moment, but i think i’ve seen it…

is it just called Hitler or something?

“Hitler” was in a movie called “wings of desire” great film, check it out


edit: D’oh!

thanks team

and yeah, pretty sure i have seen it now i know the title