Your stem is too short

Think you look pro with your 130mm stem? Think again! This guy has set a new standard.

200mm …

If this was taken at the tour of turkey the commentators were talking about someone in the peleton rocking a 190mm stem.

It’s not the size of your stem that matters…

No Steev, it’s all that matters.

he took it too far!

by 60mm

I’m so over slam that stem related jokes.

Old matey should really just get a new frame.

Primate sized arms.

says James as he dashes off in search of an even longer stem…

Not going to lie, I was searching high and low for a 140mm with neg 17, rather than just neg 10.

I wonder how much that dives under braking. Ridiculous - and not the good kind.

And how about flex when out of the saddle?

I want one.

Noone said anything about slamming.

It’s all about the reach.

And who cares about Kashekin’s(190mm custom from FSA IIRC) stem, check out Adam Hansen’s 105g DIY carbon shoes!

Here’s Kashekin’s “easton” (rotor) 160mm from 2007 tdf.


that 160 is so god damn hot.

god damn! I wonder if I contacted FSA they would make me a cool stem.

Just stupid, you would be looking backwards to see your front wheel.

i agree!

^actual lol

x-ray of the rider