Your stem is too short

Shiieett, makes BONTS look attractive


do you hate bonts cos someone hated them on the internet?

You own a pair?


Oh, I could see you in them.

I’m guessing its not just short legs but the head tube is to long.
To get around this some people run a smaller frame with shit loads of post and a huge stem

i see what you did there.

Boom ching

Still looking for a groupset?

My main beef with bikes these days. I understand it’s more feasible for a company to make bikes in only four or five sizes, but I don’t want to ride a Venge or an R3 because particularly in smaller sizes, compact geometry looks unsightly.
Like this:

Almost saddle to bar raise. So gross. May as well ride this

ps ride what’s comfortable for you and no hate pls

Currently running a 50mm stem with tiny rizors. Wouldn’t go longer, either.


In the 56 Cervelo it has a 179 ht, The specialized tarmac nd venge have a 160mm,

Im never fussed as i cant run a big drop, but i feel for those that like too.
A mate had a s5 and had to run a slammed 140 negative 17.

Had a look at bike radar, Cav has 8cm of saddle to bar drop. Someone should tell him that his set up is not pro enough.

Even I have more saddle to bar drop them him and I have the legs of a midget! I should turn pro.

I’ve always run a short stem. Hasn’t been a problem (I have two children).

sounds like your mate should have got a fit and checked the geo chart before he did anyhting.

having said that i run/got put on a 130 -17 for track, then i got a fit done for a new frame and im still on a 130.

buy a bike then get it to fit? get a fit then buy a bike.

edit: i think i just remembered whio that mate is

dude does have stumpy little t-rex arms though.

good for eating lots of cornish pasties.

Yet runs a 130mm stem. Have to give him credit where credit is due. He is at least attempting to look pro.