1952 Malvern Star - Five Star

I was headed out of Nimbin recently after a cycling trip down south and I had really wanted a fixie for a while. I saw on the side of the road a frame sticking out of a pile of garbage and pulled over to have a look. Sure enough it had track drop outs and 27x1 1/4 wheels with a flip flop on the rear. I found out that it was a Malvern Star, Five Star some time later, form 1952. It had a terrible respray on it and plenty of rust. I wire wheeled it with the grinder and shoved it in the booth when my van was getting resprayed. It came out pretty nice.

Good story bro.


Driveside please.

Sorry I didn’t clean it up before these pics were taken. All the components are a little rusty but I have yet to find a reason to replace any of them. The pedals are rusted onto the cranks but they still spin amazingly so I didn’t try too hard to take them off.

This is a horrible seat and post. I put it on to make the bike look normal.

I took the proper seat and post and stuck it on my other bike. I’m sure I have a seat post nut around somewhere.

very good pick up.
Where did you find the seriel #?
I just picked one up and cant for the life of me find the number.

Usually they are on the rear drops or seat lug…

Fixies aren’t dead. The scene is just burgeoning.

quite a lot of attention to detail on this bike… any further plans for her?

It’s on the rear drop out. Not drive side.
I found out that mine has a coded serial.
52M53XX (I don’t want anyone ripping off my serial)
52 = 1952
M = Melbourne
53XX = number of frames made up until that point, or at least this is what the guy from epic cycles told me

You have some sweet paint on that too. a very rare find in my experience.

Stars wheels on a 5 star…oh the irony.


Pretty sure the attention to detail refers to Goose’s bike. Mine’s not that nice

It looks better in the first pick with the original wheels IMO. Not being a c*nt mate but those Star wheels belong on something far more modern.

Awesome find.

Have you re-packed the bearings in the pedals?


I can’t get the pedals off, but they are still excellent, so no attention required. I was going to do a full restoration on this but after coming to the conclusion that the original wheels were too bent and warped to come true and looking at the cost of re-chroming the cranks and chainring and pedals, I can’t afford this one. It’s too nice to do half assed. You are right the wheels belong on something else. They don’t make the 28" wheels that should be on it, and getting a cheap set of 27" wheels with tyres and tubes is also costly. For a bike that I found and put about $160 into already, I don’t think it’s that bad. At least with the 700x28c tyres on it now I can get up to 80km easy.

per hour? should have out at chandler over the weekend winning some state titles with speed like that!

Yeah I can sustain that for about 3 mins. lol. but maybe

80km/h for 3 mins! Sure your speedo isn’t set to 7000c?

ok. just did a ride. I think 60km/h is more like it. Sorry guys. I know I look like a huge wanker now, but it’s been a while since I did a track ride.

My bad scott, I meant 60km/h it’s been a while

AFAIK those pedals should have a nut at the outside, undo it and the pedal will slip right off the spindle. Whether the spindle is attached to the crank or not is academic.

Would have thought you could probably find a set of 27" wheels for bugger all or even free - most people chuck 'em out. Schwalbe and continental make tyres for 27" in 28c. With some hunting about you could probably find a set of better 50’s era wheels for a resonable sum.

Yes, it is far too nice to do half assed so therefore give it the respect it deserves and give it some period-ish components. It doesn’t need to have a full resto to be a nice bike - ever heard of rat rodding? This would make an amazing rat fixed. Right now it’s like wearing flouro high-tops with a vintage 3 piece suit. I rest my case.