Ai Weiwei's stacked bicycles

wow !!

‘Stacked’ by Ai Weiwei: 760 Stacked Bicycles at Galleria Continua | Colossal

Ai Weiwei Piles 1,200 Bikes On Top Of Each Other, For Dazzling Effect | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Much better than that chain dog shit you posted last week :wink:

It’s all a question of perspective or drugs (or both).

Yep, two thumbs up!!

I feel like my garage is starting to look like this…

Its an art!

do an art!

i reckon there’s a dollop or two of hot glue in there

Never mind.

Another view:

And an older bicycle work by Ai Weiwei
Forever Bicycles, 2003:

Waste of bikes

Others would dissagree.

‘Others’ would be entitled to their opinion.


As much as I understand this is a nice piece of artwork by a respected artist, it pains me to think of the importance of bicycles to the well being of people in developing countries who might have been a better use (or prosepctive use after this installation has finished) than this.

poor Chinese peasants, eh?

Perhaps ask Ferrari and Lamborghini and Aston Martin where all there supercars are going?

I was thinking more about Africa, to be honest.

I still don’t get the logic. Maybe we should switch off FOA and divert our time/energies to helping out at soup kitchen’s and homeless shelter’s?

Bike frames with wheels and nothing else aren’t going to be much use to anyone.

The size of this piece should have given you an idea of just how big bicycle production is in China, 1900 frames is a tiny tiny fraction of the output of their factories. Giant alone makes ~6 million bikes a year, and Forever (the bikes in the piece), once peaked at ~33.5 million/year. So that’s about 3 hours of Giant’s production (assuming 24/7 ops), less, considering it’s only the robo-welded frames and machine built wheels.

Plus, who says it’s a permanent exhibit or that the frames will be scrapped once it’s over?

The real question is what is the artist trying to say??