Anyone ridden MOJO bikes frame

HEY guys just considering a new cheap frameset from MOJO BIKES any boys got any insite?

does the J stand for jackass? dude quit dredging up threads pointlessly and posting crap like this - your post count will only get reset if you incur the wrath of the mods.

in answer to your question, a few of my mates rock mojos, siiiik colourways and solid as, drop a 10 stair no worriez. Heaps easy to remove the brakes and shit too.

i see xbbx wielding the banhammer in the corner.

i’ve been accused of being too harsh on the past, so i’m waiting to see how this plays out.

is it possible to be TOO harsh?

No the J does not stand for Jackass it stands for Jerarmie. I was not aware that i was dredging up threads or posting ‘crap like this’ I am new to forums though and just wanted some insite into the MOJO frames. If i have upset the forum gods i appolagise.

right now you’re upsetting me with your spelling.

Sorry about the spelling . I am actually half cut on some very good pain killers due to a smashed to bits shoulder/collerbone from a bike off yesterday . awaiting surgery as we speak.

Best post EVA

Would having brakes have prevented this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get better soon dude.

Not at all.
Mountain bike.v.rock garden… rock garden 1 me 0.

my girlfriend picked one up last week. Came in record speed. Less then 24hrs from Melbourne to Sydney. The bikes look great and she love it.

and who may i ask pays your wage?
the bike is cheap. you get what you pay for.
i know i sound like a broken record this week but CLOSE THREAD PLZ. KTHXBAI

I can’t think of any witty thread closing lines… so thread closed.