Best Indian food in Melbourne?

Have been watching Rick Steins Curry show on ABC over the holidays and I’ve become inspired to cook my own curries!

As a starting point, what do our resident FOA foodies recommend as the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne? I’m talking about something beyond Korma or Butter chicken. I’m especially interested in fish.


cafe 666.

just for the name.

the food is actually kinda shitty. and also potentially evil.

Indian Harvest Restaurant, Waverley Road, Malvern East is friggin awesome.

i’ve always wanted to go to the Curry Vault in bank place. one day we will have a feed there.

You’re inspired to cook your own curries so you want to know which restaurants to go to?

haha yes that is correct.
Basically watch TV show->become inspired-> eat restaurant food-> become further inspired->cook my own

The only thing Rick Stein has inspired me to do is turn off the TV.

Really? I think he’s great. One of the least snooty ‘celebrity’ cooks around I recon

Guru da Dhaba used to be a regular for us.
240 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Can’t believe no one said Gaylord yet.

Hit the Internet and look for recipes. Basic (but very tasty) curries are easy to make.

I got lucky as a teenager when my Dad taught me :slight_smile:

To be fair, when I was living in the UK he was on TV all the time, so I kind of overdosed on him. Then I had a holiday in Cornwall and he owns almost every restaurant there.

+100 on shitty food

Nice one.
The one important aspect the Rick show illustrates is the importance of fresh spices. ie something fresher than Keen’s curry powder.


1.Get the book “curry”

  1. buy the best ghee you can get.

3.Always heat your spices then grind.

  1. Never boil anything.

Thanks snail, you sound like a pro.

even though it’s in soulless Docklands, Bhoj, is really good.

Cook your own. That’s the whole point. You just need some good recipes. Find a good website where they share family recipes.

Dial that shit

ive found tandoori den in camberwell to be quite good