Big Bundy SLX

Road Bike - Black Custom Made starting price of $50.00 | eBay

Calling all basketball players.


Anyone in/near the area that could handle a pickup for beers/hugs?

Especially a really short person for the LOL’s.

I could get it for you

I’ll go and pick it up tomorrow, take it home, remove the tri bars and ride it to work/uni. Ta for the tip off!

Hell, with charm like that you’ll probably get it for free.

could you get it for me too? :stuck_out_tongue:

this could get interesting…

Aah, i should’ve added a lol/smileyface/sarcasm indicator!

weirdly low bottom bracket on that bike… i wonder what horatio would say.

If you like, an E-Go depot is two suburbs over.

sweet, cheers.
definitely keeping an eye on this one.
my size and the buttresses should help with my current robust physique :stuck_out_tongue:

my roadie has a weirdly low BB too. i theorised (with zero knowledge or consultation) that maybe it has something to do with visual aesthetics. lowering the BB a bit makes a particularly large frame look not too ridic

The JAMS vs John Kennedy.

Battle of the tall bastards.

Who will reign supreme?

how tall is john?

Id be in on the fight if I had some cash, need a cheaper roadie to ride to work

Not 100% sure, but I remember in the Polly thread he said he had 100cm inseam. I think.

I’d say well spotted, and probably has sweet sweet handling!

I’m only 190 but I have long legs. 95/96cm inseam depending on the weather/my level of excitement.

i call dibs then :smiley:
195cm wins!