Bike clothing fashion shoot- need ideas

Hi fixedies,
I am after some ideas for some photos I want to make. I want them to be slightly off centre and I thought of no better place to ask than here :slight_smile:

After some links or photos you like that are similar and along the lines of


Go riding with friends, take a camera.

Shoot when they’re riding, and not riding.


If only it were that simple… it’s a scheduled type thing.

bunch of dudes, covered in road grime, scabby knees and all, drinking out of brown paper bags in a service alley (not a laneway/tourist attraction).
or you could do something pompous and artsy?

Should of provided more info
I am a photographer and have been hired to shoot some shots like above for a new clothing company in Belgium. Few issues are. It’s only triathlon race wear, I only have 1 day and my female model/athlete from NZ just pulled out due to other commitments! I only have one male and one female model. This is not my usual type of shoot so I am gathering ideas and inspiration from around the place. Will be hiring a hotel room as the brief is “getting race ready” but the owner wants images like I linked above. I am new to the fixie/SS scene and there are some super cool images around on sites like the Rapha one.

Am flicking through here also trackosaurus rex

I think I have found a new personal project :slight_smile:

check out fyxomatosis’ “early riser” shoot from a few weeks ago, that should give you a few ideas.

That is awesome
and also hot!

triathlon, that’s like cycling with a spot of swimming, yah? blakey’s got you covered:

hahaha awesome
it’s got running in there as well!

yeah dude, you should totally hit up blakey. he’d be perfect for this. his username is blakey.

Unfortunately I already have a guy model, just missing a female one! So unless he wants to go the tuck and don a wig I am shit outta luck.

I don’t see how the “fixie” scene relates to anything tri related.
Different market, different people, different budget.

t-dog has hit the nail on the head here. really not sure why the OP asked on here…

wouldn’t be the first time…

i can vouch for blakey’s ability to turn his beefcake into a delicious cheesecake.


although that might be one of the greatest things ever posted on this forum.
mckenny, i tip my cap to you sir

True, but the fixie scene is far more obsessed with aesthetics and ‘image’ than most triathletes, so perhaps it is seen as fertile ground of marketing ideas for other disciplines of cycling.

you have obviously never raced triathlon…

I remember my first ‘tri’. Standing on the start line next to Glen archer - the only two blokes in speedos, everyone else in tri-suits.

Did the bike leg on my mountain bike.

it’s probably what he did with his day off today.

wait for the next thunderstorm and do the shoot in a storm water drain
your models can run/cycle/swim to their heart’s content
watch out for locked drain covers :
it worked for vice