Bombing hills

also best fun every had for about 25 mins is not on a fixed wheel but on my roady down mt buller. fkn awesome. highly recomend. except only one way up…ride up. i did and was tuff 25% at the top people recon. definatly worth it.

i don’t know it… i’m not a big fan of any thing a car can pull into at the bottom.

birriga is sweet cause it’s long and you can get down it with out skidding if ya legs are strong…
you can hit it as hard and fast as you like but still control ya’ll speed.
did wellington st once at 9am on a friday… managed to slow down enough to skid past all the cars waiting at the round about and then saw a small gap and pealed in… lucky the window was there cause i was going in to the round about way to hot.
certainly reminds you that you are alive…

From Corner of Collins and Exhibition, Down exhibition, get the lights, over Flinders Street and out over the exhibition st extension that runs along the side a birrarung Marr.
bit sketchy with traffic and lights on Flinders street - awesome fun if you get the timing right though.

you guys generally talking about doing these fixed? i tried wheelers hill fixed the other day… not a chance! probably just to need practice high cadence riding more, but got to a point where i though i was going to lose it!

freewheeling, that hill is insane though… overtakin cars doing 70kmh! much fun.

I think the fastest I’ve managed fixed is just under 60kph - most incredible feeling! joy, excitement and utter terror all at the same time. You get to a point where you think your going to lose it, and then somehow your legs just keep on going (I guess they don’t have a choice) and at that speed trying to clip-out is near impossible (for me anyway)

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I have driven down that hill and that was enough for me. I drive down it sometimes on the long weekends when that bloody round about blocks up. Then head over the bridge and then the back way past the tip. probably no faster but i hate being bumper to bumper on that road. They need a police man on that round about or something on long week ends and before school goes back.

I don’t get down there any more since the folks sold up. Used to haul up Parker or Harvey St from the house and do a long loop on the mtb out the back of town around whatever tracks and backroads took my fancy. Fun.

It’s not about how fast you can go
it’s about going too fast!!

That hilll coming down to st kilda road from brighton rd, was the first hill I bombed. Unfortunately the lights turned on me halfway down and I had to slam on the front brake. Braking on a non machined brake surface is LOUD

+1 for Birriga and New South Head Rd, The ‘esses’ I like to call them. Old south head rd from that roundabout is ok too, its not really steep but its long. I get to ride up and down it most days :frowning: :slight_smile:

Although its not steep, I really like when you turn left from anzac pde onto bunnerong just before you get to la pa. Nice gradual downhill that I imagine has seen many a sprint take place.

Birriga is fun,

I ride Bondi rd most days and i enjoy that as well, not exactly long but I’ve got some alright speeds coming down it.

Another one is Military road… not all downhill but i reckon its pretty fun…

high street from kew into the city past the cemetery is a good one
a friend and have gone 60 down it before

…then there’s the uphill