I just don’t get the guy. Podium finish in the Vuelta* and he looks like someone’s shot his fluffy little dog. Whose fault is it this time?

*I’m pretty pig-happy with the odd minor placing in a Vets’ crit

I’ll “out” myself as a Cadel fan.

I don’t get all the hate towards Cadel. He rode well to get onto the podium, but would be understandably disappointed that he didn’t do better, given the position that he was in early in the race, and the bad luck he had during later stages.


Most people I talk to say much the same thing when Cadel is mentioned in casual conversation.

To me it’s like a classic case of somebody so focused on something, that they forget why that started doing it in the first place, and the enjoyment is lost… :expressionless:

I can’t say that I am a huge fan. He is like the Mark Webber of the cycling world. All the potential but always struggles to get there due to some other factor.

I just don’t like his chin.

Except that Webber doesn’t blame everyone else.

He’s too stuffed to ever look happy. Only dude not on the drugs :wink:

lol :lol:

I thought he was getting surgery done on that thing to reduce the air resistance.

It’s not hate coming from me, more like bemusement. Evans obviously works his guts out but my point was that podium in the Vuelta is hardly a defeat. It’s pretty fucking amazing really but he comes across so fucking joyless about it, like he’s somehow been ripped off. Not a good example for the kiddies.

I want to admire the guy but I like my sporting heroes to be a little more gracious.

By contrast, I really enjoy Gerro. He looks like he’s havin’ a ball, even when he probably isn’t.

+1 It’s like he has forgotten that whole bit about being dropped for the TDF.

Back to Cadel…

Anyone think he looks like Moe from the Simpsons?

See Cadel’s most recent interview on


And instead of headbutting journalists, he speaks to them for too long.

The ridiculous…the ridiculous, the ridi culous situation…

:expressionless: :expressionless:


Well deserved win. :smiley:

Well done Cadel…

I think a few of us here should eat our hats… :oops: :oops:

Link here:

Sounds like it was a stylish win too.



well, it wasn’t pretty, but it was nice to see him attacking (for once).

Until he wins the Tour, I think our hats are safe.

I am torn. Although I am extremely happy for him and more so for Australian cycling I can’t help come away a little disappointed from watching the World Champs.

I prefer my World Champion to have more style, flair and charisma. Something that the Italians do VERY well.