Canti cable hanger for steel frames, not boring Giants.

Is there a cable hanger that clamps onto the quill part of the stem instead of being a washer in a 1" threaded headset?

These, but at $50 bit of a rip, what about a fork crown one?
Paul Component Engineering - Funky Monkey Front

Fork isn’t drilled, so headset it is.

I do like the look of that Paul one. Does anyone make a similar (and cheaper) one?

Plenty of stems had inbuilt cable stops (Tioga/Salsa/generic alloy/etc) either through the stem or under the stem.

People used to put hangers under one of the bolts on a 4 bolt faceplate on a threadless stem.

Depending on the clamp style of the stem, you could fabricate something that will hang from the front/backside of the clamp and replace a washer / hang on the clamp bolt / etc.

Or get a cable stop that clamps onto the 22.2mm vertical part of your stem.

Or use a fork crown hanger if the crown is drilled

Or just drill that sucker

This frame better be the realest.

another canti stop Q,

has anyone ever seen a brake booster like this with a integrated cable stop?

I know there are some floating round from 90’s MTB but new?

Canti stop, won’t stop!

You had to put the hanger on the booster as the fork crown / headset / stem would move relative to the brake posts / fork lowers / axle on suspension forks, and suspension movement would tighten/slacken the brake cable.

Following the movement to V brakes, cable stops were no longer required, so they were needed for a pretty short period of time.

If they do exist, I bet they’re purple ano.

The stem is a Salsa quill stem.

I like the idea of the Paul clamp. It’s neat and nice. I could drill, but would rather not.

Who makes the hanger that goes through the stem bolt? The one on the bike with the Ritchey bars and Deda stem.

You can get it here or here or here.

I can it? :wink:

EDIT: All of those are way more than the Paul hanger.

It’s a rear cable hanger that goes between the seatclamp bolt. Surly also make a longer, wire version.

Blakey, I found one those stem bolt hangers here.

Yeah, that’s the one I meant. Surlymake a different one and IRDmake a similar one to the one you linked to.

Nah, it was this one that I linked.

No, those are rubbish.

I heard that this one will never give you up OR desert you.

Drill the stem.

+1, Drill the nicest stem you have.

Or buy a VO hanger like the one I just bought?

If it came in black, I would.

Yeah, that $5.50 shimplus any easy to find alloy steerer hanger is flat out the cheapest way to do it. Almost as easy as buying a TCX.

Stop taking the piss! Black hangers are easier to find than silver. PRO, Origin8, Tektro, Problem Solvers, IRD…