Clamp on brakes...

Clamp on brakes?

So what’s the deal with clamp on brakes? Are they expensive? Reliable?

Any pics? Links? Stories?


I’ve seen 'em before. They usually clamp on the seat stays and a regular rear brake can then be mounted.

I’ve never seen one in the shops in Oz though. They seem to be a japanese thing coz I often see them on keirin track bikes. Not sure about reliablity but I’m guessing that a regular mounted brake will work better.


Keirin riders use them on their track bikes for training on the roads. They wrap the brake cable around the top tube a few times. The clamping plates are pretty sound, but may damage the paint work around the SS’s where mounted, but I guess you could use bits of neoprene to protect the paint from the plates.

I have some of these brakes lying around (NOS) and can still get new stock of them in (, but there’s not much demand.

The fork blade mounted brake clamps are cleaner, but not as easy to mount and remove, better for a more permanent fixture though.


Anyone else think that clamping on a disc brake caliper onto a fork not manufactured to handle the forces of disc braking is a bad idea?

The different stresses shouldn’t be that much of concern as long as you used a small(er) rotor i.e. 5" or 6". If you went up to say an 8" rotor then you’d have troubles I reckon, those things would stop just about anythings when set up correctly. I had 8" rotors on my 7" travel freeride rig and I could pull one finger endo’s no sweat.

I was walking past Mr Wolf on Inkerman St in St Kilda and one of the wait staff had a Michalo track frame parked out the front with a brake mount clamped across the rear stays. It was two pieces of Aluminum with the brake bolt through it. I wasn’t really sure of it’s “safety” as it didn’t look particularly secure… But it must work, as he was still alive and riding it!

Anyone got a picture of this?
I need something like this for my 27" frame running 700C wheels and short drop calipers…
FR is OK as I have 700C forks fitted, but the back end need a huge drop with the current brake bridge…

I Could just work it out and make something up, but it would be easier to copy someone elses…


Just use a long-drop brake caliper.

Using clamp-on brake mounts, DEATH will result.

I wouldn’t worry about the rear brake if the bike is a fixed gear.

I’d be more worried about the BB drop on a 27" bike using a 700c fork and wheels.

For US$42 + postage you could probably buy a new fork and normal brake.

how’s this for a thread dig!!

only thread i could find on here that mentions clamp on REAR brakes.

looking to SS my red hillman to save my fucked knees. rear bridge isn’t drilled so thought someone may know about clamp on rear brakes…?

i could drill it without too much crying, but thought if i can avoid it easy enough i will.

found this link on another forum, but the rest of the chat on there was all rubbish - Dia-Compe Rear Track Frame Brake from Velodrome Shop


should also mention the front is drilled and already has a brake, so it’s not some pristine track weapon or anything…


DiaCompe Track Bike Brake - Rear - Brakes & Cable Clamps - Fixie & Single Speed - CYCLING - Velogear

Slightly off topic, but did you fuck your knees riding fixed too much? I must admit I have slight concerns about the condition of my knees in 10 years time.

pm Team Ballerina, I’m pretty sure she has or had one

Kimori make a balleuring rear clamp on
Gallery: NAHBS: Steel Still Rules The Floor - BikeRadar

Or… coaster brake wheel!

Not that specific unit but I had an old post-war path racer for a time that had a clamp on rear brake (added some time in the 50’s, Weinmann IIRC). It was next to useless.

nah, skateboarding many years ago, but the backwards pressure required when riding fixed on the street usually leaves them a bit sore for a day or two. no such worries on the track where i can slow down gradually…

i’m on it, though not via pm, fuck knows how to type in her username!! haha

that is one ugly clamp on brake!! coaster brake rear wheel would require building one though yeah? budget doesn’t stretch that far, especially considering i have a spare rear brake caliper at home…

can someone explain/show me how they actually clamp on at the rear? google image search fail

^ Aw, c’mon! No mention of my blistering response?