contador hearing delayed yet again

Contador CAS Hearing Postponed Until November |


they’ll keep postponing it until he wins a grand tour?

The last postponement meant the hearing wasn’t held before the Tour de France, and this latest postponement means the hearing won’t be held until after the Vuelta a España (in September).

I wonder if they can string it out long enough for Contador to defend his title at the next Giro d’Italia (next May-June).

As I understand it, if the original doping charges are eventually upheld, then Andy Schleck will be the winner of the 2010 Tour de France and Michele Scarponi will be the winner of the 2011 Giro d’Italia (note: ironically, Scarponi was implicated in the Operación Puerto doping case in 2006).

If Contador wins this year’s Vuelta a España, then that will complicate things even more.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Agreed, when he is eventually found guilty all those races that he won will be awarded to other people but they will never get to go back and stand on the top of the podium for them…

WADA requested the delay. They do not do things to benefit the athlete, it is one of the reasona why the UCI sees them as a nuisance that unfairly targets cycling.
Contador and bjarne have said no vuelta/ this year.

yeh i read that it was wada. prime reason for the wtf. this is officially beyond the joke from all angles.

I think they need to take their time with it considering the steaks are high.

WADA really do have a beef with contador?

The whole process of litigation has been quite jerky from the outset.

The problem is, they need to get to the sauce.

They just want Contador to cow-tow to them

it would be good if they could make a decision and just moove on

He shouldn’t have been on the sauce in the first place. If he’d chewed it over a bit more and thought about how tough it would make things he may never have tried to bite off more than he could handel.

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Thats just steaking the obvious

I think it’s all just tall poppy sindrome. Sometimes peoples sucess just brings out the wurst in people.

Haha massive win in this thread, so rare… Well done.

Maybe WADA wanna let Contador stew a while longer.