contador hearing delayed yet again

He must heifer good lawyer

I read somewhere that Contador won’t be racing Giro next year to focus on the Tour…

Chuck, if you paid attention for one mignon you would see that this thread has mooved on. A rare missteak.

You gotta chill bro…

Can’t, I’m broiling

this thread is being butchered

I’m not one to mince words: someone needs to be grilled over this.

yeah like contador… meat… delayed

i cool now?

Don’t veal bad.

Oh man.

I don’t think it is a good idea to cover this issue in tin foil and let it rest.*

*sorry, the things you think about on your commute in the morning.

He should be fried for his doping, as the issue has been marinating too long.

i am concerned that WADA will burger it up.

Maybe WADA can’t bear the thought of seeing him skewered. Or just using the delay to inject some suspense into proceedings…

Geeze… I’m so sick of hearing everyone kebabble on and on about it. Let’s just give shanks that Cadel won the tour.

lets just hope for a brisket resolution to this whole ordeal

the whole situation (and this thread) is udderly ridiculous. and i love it!

We’ll keep milking it until the cows come home, unless someone steers us in a different direction.

it’s all bullocks

i can’t believe i spent the night Friesian under my covers, not knowing the hilarity going on here.

You should’ve just moo’ved closer and snuggled a loved one.