Cousin Balki's Melbourne Rant Thread.

The broken glass around the inner north is insane. Even backstreets around Fitzroy/Fitzroy north are bad. Brunswick Street is the worst I’ve ridden in my life. Is there holes on the bottom of the recycling trucks now?

Not uncommon for guys to get flats after the street sweepers have been around

I used to ride South Yarra to Richmond and could never work out how so many smashed bottles got on the roads till I followed a garbage truck one morning, they were literally just falling straight out onto the road.

Does anyone use the Parkiteer cages? I’ve been using the one at Dandenong for the past 3 years or so with no issues, but have just had my bike pinched from it over the course of the weekend (admittedly I was using a pretty so-so lock, but didn’t think I’d need anything super flash. 3 years of complacency I guess…)

They’re obviously not as secure as I once thought

I’ve got the card but I hardly ever use it. I’m moving house soon and I was planning to just put a bike in at Huntingdale, double locked and leave it there for 3 or 4 weeks while I complete the move. But maybe I should reconsider.

jeez, this thread hasn’t been posted in for FOUR years?!

edit - turns out ‘april 15’ meant the date, not 4/15 as i thought. was trippin out! haha

anyway, did i miss anyone posting about the decision to close off Southbank to cyclists soon…?

All the articles I can find are behind paywalls, but it sounds like they’re just revamping it to prioritise pedestrians/make it harder to ride fast. Hello rumble strips.

ah ok. the impression i got from the highly reputable channel 7 news last night is that it was gonna be a permaban.

Just you…

fine with me, can’t remember the last time i rode along southbank

u just drive along in snorkless hilux now, but only slow down by changing gears as homage to fixies.

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obvs. it’s the zen way.

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woman killed by a falling tree in princes park this morning. hope no one witnessed it. right by the city bound bike lane :frowning:


Sydney Road proposal

Just me, or were the roads really quiet this morning? I rode in earlier than usual, so dunno if it’s always like that. Was bloody lovely!

lots of room to bin it and feel good hey rolu

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binning it on the road is defs no bueno.


seems like city of Melbourne understands sensations


For those from states without trams, this is not how you do it.