Deep V and b43

Yep, because that’s exactly what I said…

B43 is a shit wheel- excessively heavy, no braking surface, poor build quality. The rim profile is shit too.
A B43 would only work if you built it up with 20 or 24H hubs & spokes as a means of bringing the weight down, but I don’t think they come in low spoke count drillings.

Deep V is a MUCH more sensible choice.


The Velocity website says they can be ordered with 24H so it’s possible I guess…

Lightweight still wouldn’t solve the problem.

The front weight might go from 1100grams to 1000grams…

Velocity rims in general are horrible anyway.

And yet they never seem to break… Or go out of true for that matter.

I put a B43 on the front and a chukka on the rear,my bike looks like it has aids…AIDS. But it has been ok so far. It is stupidly heavy though.

What a load of crap!!

My red b43 catches all the eyes of the ladies and gents when it’s locked up outside the Bezza. People love that shit. Weighs more than my cranks though. But it does make my dick look bigger.

WTF? That place is still going…?

I rock the potato on the rear and yeah, it weighs a bit, but the flywheel effect is awesome on the climb. Why is everyone so hung up on the weight? Sure it takes more to accelerate but how many street bikes are raced? (Thursday nights excepted)

I think I just found my next signature quote.

It’s about function.
The problem with the B43 is that it doesn’t need to be that heavy- a Deep V or equivalent is just as strong 99.99% of the time.
Why lug something around that weighs more than it reasonably should? (Because it comes in different colours…)

I totally agree with this, i did have a pair of deep v’s on my SS commuter when I got it a couple of years ago, then the b43’s became the latest craze. So i sold my rear deep v for a new b43…oh how i regret it! I still have the b43 on the back till this day and sometimes I really don’t need all that weight when I’m commuting to work!!

Wish I could turn back the hands of time!

I roll a B43 on the rear and Deep V on the front. Purely aesthetics for me… Weight, I know it is heavier, but honestly I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if I had a deep v on the back compared to a b43. The heavier the better anyway, makes my legs all manly n stuff.

don’t your legs get more ‘manly’ from pushing higher gear ratios rather then pushing on a heavy wheel?

anyway i like the finishes on the deep v better then the 43’s…a lot cleaner…thats just me!!

everyone is different!

I’m not.

10 char…

You sir, are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


the B43’s have an extremely high douche bag factor.

More or less than Aerospok/Potato?

That would explain mine, I guess.

can we change my ‘njs certified’ to ‘douchebag’?