Deep V and b43

is it better to have a rear b43 anda front deep v or is it the other way around

Most bikes I have seen that do choose to have the combination generally have a Deep V on the front, and the B43 as the rear (same with my bike).
It could be totally aesthetics though, it is also less weight (2 walled) on the front (for wheelies if you want), and a more durable wheel on the back (3 Walled)(curbs etc)

Hope this helps you?

And what rolly said about the breaking surface

-Industrie Rider

deep v’s can have a braking surface. plenty use brakes on b43’s but the ability to brake as efficiently as possible would be my guess for a front deepv.

plus i think it looks more balanced

yeah thanks has helped me understand it abit more now

Function: Deep V is better for BOTH front and rear
Aesthetic: each to their own

He is right, B43 is supposedly overkill. But its your choice

i’ve just bought a near new set of b43’s and am already thinkin that they’re not going to be what i want for the new build!!! thinkin something a bit more traditional/minimal/lightweight.

i mean, i need a frame first but think i’ll get rid of them when the time comes to finish the build…

being indecisive sux!!

i have a b43 on the front and a deep v on the back, simply because i couldn’t affford a back b43, goes pretty good, no problems yet. looks a bit weird… meh who cares.

i hear that if you run a b43 on the front it’s more aerodynamic than running it on the back.

If it were, the benefits would be so minor. Anyway, the weight of it would counter-act any aerodynamic benefits.

i hear that if you run B43s front and back it makes your dick look up to three inches bigger.

Fixed that for you
…True story

that’s why i bought mine mate, didn’t work out that way…
probably why i’ll get rid of them eventually! haha

Fixed that for me
… True story.


oh and yea, you need some self reassurance, it’s cool :slight_smile: Dw about it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

B43’s are the Ed Hardy of Fixed Gear apparently.

(BTW I have one. Shameful I know)

Especially if you have one of those ones with images on it.

Yeah that’s right, a B43 weighs more on the front then it does on the back. True story.

how did you get a hold of next years t-shirt design!?