Deus Ex Machina swap meet 15-3-09 [Syd]

2nd Deus swap meet - 15th March.

Barr Street Camperdown, just off Paramatta Road.

Mark your calendars, hope for sunshine. Plenty of bargains were had last time.

To be confirmed.

last one was killer. would be nice if there was no rain this time.

yeah i sold a bit of stuff last time

x 2 !!

Worth the trip up from Canberra you think?

could well be. last time there was a heap of good stuff, and i know ppl who are talking about bringing more stuff this time. Last one was the first one, so there should be a bit of a buzz. get there early if you can, most of the good shit was gone by 9, reckon will be the same this time.

and they have gourmet sausages in bread, with onions. and good coffee. and you get to talk shit with bike d00dz.

[quote="heavymetal "]

and they have gourmet sausages in bread[/quote]


Do you need an excuse? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this defo - nothing noted in the site or the shops…?

go to the NEWS on the DUES site… its got then poster for it…

I spoke to Piero last week and he said it was on, but they hadn’t organised any flyers yet… seems they are leaving it a bit late. I’ll find out tomorrow and update.

That is for the last swap meet… 15th November 2008

for the last one, poster only showed up in shops about 3 weeks before. i guess theyre leaving it super late…

apparently this is now definite. sunday 15th march, from 8am. i have the flyer in my inbox but cant be arsed putting it up here.

to book a site or more details:


15th March from 8am, Deus car park. Bring hot girls if you know any - severely lacking last time.

good luck with that. I’m pretty sure that esperanto for “sausage fest” is “bike swap meet”.

i advise leaving significant others at home if you plan on getting any in the next few months…

I will come this time… :mrgreen:

Will be there!

Reminder: Swap meet is this Sunday.

Look for the bearded dude on the celeste bundy… be nice to put some faces to usernames. :slight_smile:

Not going anymore… got a bucks party!

I will be there…!!!

Just wondering what parts are you guys bringing?