Essential tools

This is a work in progress, and would be interested to hear what other people carry.

I saw someone yesterday near RMIT attempting to ride a city bike one handed while rolling his punctured FG bike alongside. Got me thinking I should offer my evolving thoughts.

I’ve since replaced the flimsy stamped 15mm spanner (which came with my washing machine) with the smallest Sidchrome CrV adj spanner (100mm) - but it’s no ring spanner. I’ve also added fresh 2016 batteries for the lights. I’ll swap the tube patches / cement for those ParkTool pre-glued ones too.


+1 for this. just bought my first decent bike (read: first bike in about 15 years), and am looking to put together a tool roll / kit for it.

edit: ran a search and found these topics which may be of interest:

Some courier taught me disposable gloves for changing tyres

  • 2/3 tire leavers(shwalbe/michelin)
  • tube
  • co2 canister
  • mini pump with canister adopter
  • mini tool set(alen keys, screwdriver, also a chain breaker and spoke key tools if your clever)
  • decent 15 mm(this is only really necessary if your wheels use track nuts, i.e. your not running phils or quick releases)
    thats should pretty much get you by

also why the soy sauce in the top pick?

open the pic and if you squint, it says Phil Wood Chain Oil.

according to the key, it looks like it’s phil wood chain oil… the soy sauce fish might be the best way to apply it as you have to squeeze it for it to come out.

edit: too quick dfunkt!

A lot of people carry bags so it’s no big deal, but something like this fits in a pocket for training on Beach Rd etc - I’ve been whittling it down.
Sauce bottle is chain oil - useful the first ride after a chain degrease.

Just saw this too, sounds interesting,

Looks like mine except I have a cheap stuff sack from army disposals.

Tube, tyre lever, multi tool, chain breaker, patch kit, co2 and inflater, cash!

As a bear minimum I would carry:

  1. Pump
  2. Tyre levers
  3. Multi-tool (allen keys, screw drivers & chain breaker)
  4. Tube or self-adhesive patches

My single speed/fixed uses Phil Wood hubs so I don’t need a spanner. For self adhesive patches, I’ve found that the Park Tools ones work very well, much better than the regular glue+patch kits. For my hub geared bikes, I only carry these patches and no spare tube as the rear wheel is complicated to remove.

I stopped using a chainbreaker and use the knife to release the izumi chain’s QR pin. Knife is also essential for glass in tyres which will inevitably cause another puncture I’ve found.

You forgot the bear spray.

For me, day to day, multitool, tube, levers, pump.

Further afield or extended add chain tool, leatherman, kevlar spoke, lube, gloves, rag, patches, extra tubes, zipties, duct tape, tyre boot, cash.

For roadie:
Park tyre levers x 2
spare tube
$10 & used to carry phone card in case my phone went flat

Fixie - above plus
15mm spanner/wrench (not a cone spanner as some snapperheads in LBSs recommend)
lights (I always end up at the pub much later than expected)

Carry the fixie kit in one of these, highly recommended.

building up my kit around the brisbaneoutdoorgear love handle.

Nice review:

Own a Love Handle? Send us a review!

A. Basiljet, 24th August 2011:
Hi Dave,
Got the package yesterday, and it’s super duper to the max. Thanks.

yes, i did notice that one… a bit odd. the other bags seem to get quite good reviews however.

i carry condoms. they’re a necessity. people see my pedaling technique and they throw themselves at me.

For solo rides I thought some form of ID isn’t a bad idea. Just in case the GF needs to know I met a car door.

bit morbid, but i carry my Drivers Licence, MBP card, Organ Donor card (that’s really morbid) and my Ambulance Victoria card

15mm wrench, pump, tyre levers*, multi-tool*, rubber cement*, sandpaper*, assorted patches*.

*All housed in a Skingrowsback pouch.